Friday, April 3, 2009

Freaky Friday…

Wanna hear something freaky? I think I’m turning into a man.

I decided to go to the laser hair removal salon because I have these little chin hairs. Hey, I’m not proud of them, but pre-menopause has all kinds of nice surprises. Anyway, I’m in the clinic chatting with the very nice girl lady about the random hairs on my chin. And this darling twentysomething year old is all like Well, when we get older our hormones, blah blah blah. I’m thinkin, oh honey, what do you know about getting older? You’re still brand new!

After much discussion with the teenager technician, I decide laser is the way to go to get rid of the rapscallion chin hairs. But there’s a catch… I have to wait a month. The reason? It seems plucking the little suckers makes it hard for the laser to do its job, and that is to seek out the rogue hair under the skin and destroy it. So we have to let the little hairs come back from that evil place where they reside. Okay, so what to I do for a month? Grow a beard?



Maybe I’d win Mrs. Texas!




No, silly! says the barely post-adolescent girl, Just shave them.  Um, what? Shave? my chin? Like a man?? I can barely shave my legs without a major mishap and you expect me to put a sharp blade to my face?? For a month, she says with all the bright cheerfulness of someone who has all her hormones upright and intact.

Between my poor hubby with his hot flashes, mood swings, and occasional cry, and me with not enough estrogen to fight off a few damn chin hairs, you think we could collectively be one woman? Or are we doomed for a remake of Freaky Friday?

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