Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

As you know, I’m in Austin. I’m not famous.

My BFF is in town this week with her sister. They’re from Canada, eh? They are not famous, either.

As I took them around on a sightseeing trip, the subject of famous people came up. They wanted to know if anyone famous lived in Austin. Well, yes, in fact there are quite a number of famous people in Austin. To name a few, Mike Dell, Sandra Bullock and of course, Lance Armstrong. There are more. And a lot more come to visit during South by Southwest and ACL ( a modern day Woodstock Music Festival).

We’re out looking around at the beautiful scenery and they ask if if I know where Sandra Bullocks lives. I’m all oh gosh no! How would I know that?. Sure I do! It’s that one over there with the grey roof and the boat garage.

Then they wanted to know about Mike Dell. All I know about Mike Dell is that he lives on a mountain and has a 360° view of Austin. So when they pointed to a mountain and asked if that was his mountain, I was all Why yes, yes it is.

Everyone loves Lance Armstrong. Of course, he’s a loveable guy. Every cyclist we passed (and my there are a lot of cyclists in Austin!), they asked if it was him. While we were enjoying the scenery, I made sure to point him out, so they could say they finally saw Lance Armstrong.

I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that I am all kinds of full of BS. I can’t help it. We were having such fun. The girls know they have been taken in by me, but they totally plan to go home and tell all their friends the exciting things they saw. How is anyone to know?

And if you ever come to Austin? Here is your map:

IMG_1122 A

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