Monday, March 9, 2009

Point me to Mecca...

the shopping mecca, that is. Not to be confused with the real Mecca, which is very important here, for obvious reasons.

So we head off on our first road trip in the UAE. For those of you who have just met me, sometimes I am called "iron butt" because of my love of road trips. Would much rather drive there, as fly there. Only because of the interesting sights to see along the way. Like this:

and this:
I'm pretty sure he's the ruler, but please don't ask me his name.

We make it into Dubai and it looks like this:

It is totally under construction. We couldn't see any green areas, parks or anything pretty like in Abu Dhabi.

The traffic was maddening. They drive like crazy over there, which apparently gives CGMan (Coast Guard man-Steve) free liscense to drive like a maniac as well. The road to Dubai was an interesting lesson on highway etiquette. The lanes are called the ATT lanes: the left inside lane is called the Arab Lane.
This because only the bravest of Arabs propel at rocket speeds drive in that lane. The middle lane is for tourists and taxicabs. The outside lane is for trucks, who go agonizingly slow.

Okay, we navigate our way to a brand new mall, The Dubai Mall. OMG, it was HUGE! And beautiful and clean and expensive!! Let me tell you, there was no Sears achor store here. We had a blast just walking around looking at the people. I'm told that people come from all over the world to shop in Dubai. Okay, I like shopping as much as the next woman, but to fly halfway around the world to do it? When I'm rich enough to do that, I'll get back to you. For now, it was all about the window shopping. And people watching. Like this lady, she was people filming:

There are things about this mall that you see in all malls. Like food courts:

and ice rinks:

Notice the JUMBOton??

couples having lunch at an awesome Japanese wok house:

ladies buying cell phone accessories:

and what would a mall would be, without teenage girls, spending daddy's money:

But then there were things at this mall that you wouldn't see at a normal mall. Like this beautiful, three story set of waterfalls. There were a total of 3 with varying heights. So awesome.

And camels like this one:
and this one:

And an aquarium. Yes, full sized aquarium with sharks and everything!

That's CGMan looking down on it. It gave me vertigo to look at it.
It even had a tunnel that you could walk through. We decided to go through it because that was about as close as I would ever get to scuba diving.
And while these are very beautiful...:

These are why I don't go scuba diving:

We had a great time at the mall. It will definitly be a place to take our friends when they come to visit. Kind of like the Alamo, everyone wants to see the Alamo. And when we were in Memphis, it was Graceland. So here is our Graceland. Come see!

I did buy a few little things. Was it Armani? no. Tiffany? no. Gold?? Oh man, you can get some good deals on gold jewelry!
This what everybody is getting for Christmas! wheee!

Who doesn't need a little pink camel in their life?
Check back tomorrow, when we head out to the Camel Races!

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