Saturday, March 7, 2009

Outsourcing your husband...

Outsourcing your husband may sound like a good idea, but in reality? There’s no one here to kill the spiders. I mean, there are plenty other reasons I would like to have him home, but hey, I live in Texas and the spiders are pretty damn big. In fact, they’re called tarantulas. And yes, we have them in the back yard from time to time. See what I mean?

So anyway, I recently took the 12 hour flight to Abu Dhabi to visit my outsourced husband. It was my first trip to the land of the sand. And I mean lots of sand. The sand storm that came in the morning we arrived looked like smog.

Inside my front door, it looked like this:

I didn’t do too many of the “touristy” things because I was there to set up house for Steve. He’s a man, and while he did a great job of getting things started, buying a washing machine and not knowing how to operate it? Well...let's just say-Who's spoiled now? Anyway, while he was out earning the veal bacon (hello? Muslim country!) I spent my time ordering drapes and picking out furniture and playing with these guys:

They are White Cheeked Bulbuls. They live in the palm trees behind our villa. They are sought after and sold as song birds. Yes, they do have a pretty song and are fond of humans.

Shopping is not hard there when you have stores like these:

That’s Ikea in case you can’t read Arabic.

Shopping is the national pastime in the UAE. There is a mall every few hundred yards. No lie. They look like a regualr building from the outside and not very big. But once inside, it’s 3-4 stories of air conditioned shopping bliss. They have all kinds of name brand stores (all upscale, cuz it’s oil money, you know?).

More on shopping tomorrow as we head to Dubai, the capital of the shopping malls.

Time to train the dogs to hunt spiders.

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