Monday, March 23, 2009

A leaf by any other name...

I'm pretty sure my grandcat is a pothead.
Oh what? I can't have a grandcat? Listen all you "real" grandmas out there, I can hear you snickering. Knock it off. Someday I'll be a real grandma too, but until then, Spencer is it.

I'm pretty sure he's into that maryjeewanna or somethin. Because, before...he was so nice and upstanding.

Then he started acting funny. Tearing up the house, the blinds, he's even been known to sabotage a Christmas tree. I have seen for myself that he has the munchies all the time. He sleeps a lot, too.

I read somewhere those are the things to look for.

He's acting strange, I tell you. I worry he'll turn to the streets. An alley is no place to live. And rarely do alley cats make it back into society.

I blame it all on that wacky weed.

I mean, you can call it whatever you want, but really? If it's green and leafy and comes in a bag that costs 5 dollars?! Yeah, that's what I'm sayin. Oh, catnip, riiiiiight.

Whatever you say, but if it makes a cat do this? Well, that's just some pretty wicked "catnip".

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