Friday, March 13, 2009

I made my husband cry today…

I’m sure you’re thinking awww. That I must have been so loveable and sweet. That I must have really done something special and moving to make a grown man cry. Yeah… not so much.

See, my wonderful hubby has prostate cancer. And before he left for Abu Dhabi, the doc gave him a shot of hormones to stop the tumor from growing, so it can be removed in August. Yeah, hormones. Poor guy.

(Insert public announcement here: It is never too early to be checked for prostate cancer. CGMan is only 48. Nag your husbands to get tested – I did)

So until then, bless his heart, he has to deal with some emotions and mood swings that have previously been known only to us pre- and menopausal women. I feel for him, I truly do. No one knows better than me how we can go from happy to hostile in a nanosecond. I currently hold the record.

And now, arguments are interesting. Before, I would use all my feminine wiles to win the argument; now he’s doing it first! That’s not fair! Our secret codebook has been compromised! He’s using all the good stuff!

So we’re on skype, with our little webcams, having our daily chat about nothing and everything. We start into a disagreement and the next thing I know there are heated (but not ugly) words. I look up to see him wipe a tear from his eye. I’m all Don’t cry. It’s not that bad. And he’s like I’m not crying! And I was like Um, looks like crying to me. Then he goes, I guess I’m just feeling emotional today. And ladies, I couldn’t help it, it just came out of my mouth… A little hormonal, maybe?

Even though I’m a heartless bi-atch, he laughed. We knew this was coming. We knew what to expect and we have to make ourselves laugh over it every now and then, otherwise we’ll both start crying. And that would not be a pretty sight.

And now the burning question is, if we’re both moody, emotional, and full of hormones… does that make us in a lesbian relationship?

I’m just wonderin.

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