Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hit me with your best shot...

Last night, while at "Ladies Game Night" (winner, winner, chicken dinner!) some one asked me what was one of the most interesting things I found about Abu Dhabi.

Well, my friends, the first thing that came to mind was not the ancient history. Nor was it the wonderful rags to riches story that is Abu Dhabi. The thing I found most interesting is the prediliction for US music.

Most foreign countries like our music, I guess. That's great. But here's the thing. It's not just any music. It's 80s music.

Oh, you heard me. EIGHTIES!! As in Hurt So Good and Call Me and please, if I have to hear it one more time! Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? GAH!!

And even though it's twenty (OMG, almost thirty!) years later, I can still feel myself doing that Boy George shuffle. It's one of those things that never leaves you. Try though you will.

Here is another interesting observation from my (few) world travels. We lived in Trinidad & Tobago for three years. On the radio, if it wasn't soca music, it was freekin 80s music! For pete's sake?! If I had to hear Billie Jean once more, I was gonna lose my mind. I mean, please! Don’t Do Me Like That!

So I'm askin? What. Is. The. Deal? Why are all the other countries in the world stuck in the 80s? Are they Out Of Touch?

I can’t believe that’s the reason they look to us. Our prowess in the music industry. Thirty years ago.


Cuz if that’s all we’ve got, it's a Tainted Love.

Well, all I can say is... I guess those were our Glory Days.

And thank god for my iPod (that I just got a month ago).

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