Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Everything is great, just great…

My life is great. I have nothing to complain about. My children are grown and gone. They are productive members of society. One of them is even married! How awesome is that? Well, a grandbaby would be nice. My husband has a great job, even though it’s on the other side of the world. Could be worse, right? He could not have a job at all. My job title is "spoiled”. I’m lucky enough to get to stay home, even though there are no little ones to stay home for.

So, here I am, in our dream house, with no kids, a husband on the other side of the world and two dogs who pretty much don’t care what I do, as long as I remember to feed them. I get to sleep smack dab in the middle of the king sized bed. And the thermostat? I own it. I’ve been known to go for a week without shaving my legs. I eat dinner at 8pm. Sometimes I skip it altogether and have popcorn while I watch a movie. A chick flick. The kind that makes you cry!

I am queen of the remote!!

It’s awesome. I can watch Mike Rowe all day long. And then, I can re-watch the good parts, like when he takes his shirt off when he cleans up from a really dirty job. Yep it’s great. No more arguing over what to watch in the evening. And you know what else? The TV goes off at bedtime and so do all the lights. I think we’re gonna to save a fortune on our electricity bill.

I sat outside on our patio this evening, listening to…you guessed it! MY music! It was superb! I danced. I sang. I knew all the words to all the songs, because it was my iPod. I could so be on American Idol.

My friends want to be me. They wish they could come hang on my patio and drink wine, instead of heading to ballet/soccer/cheerleading practice. That they could control the remote for just one evening without a fight. And chick flicks? Oh yeah, they want those. Sometimes I think they wish their husbands were on the other side of the world. Just for a little while.

Yeah, my life is pretty good. But you know what?

Tonight…I’d rather fight to see what’s on TV.

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