Sunday, March 8, 2009

Channeling my Betsy Ross...

I was going to talk today about our shopping experience in Dubai, the shopping mecca of the Middle East. I've decided instead to talk about my shopping experience today, here in America.

I came home last week to find that my American flag had tattered. One should never fly a tattered flag, so off I went to get a new one. The first store I came to was Target. After searching fruitlessly for a time, I asked one of the helpful gals in red. She tells me they don't carry flags, except around the Fourth of July. Really? Is Target only patriotic around the Fourth of July? It's no wonder there are rumors about being owned by the French! sheesh.

I walked next door to Office Depot. Offices fly the American flag, right? They have everything one would need to open an office. Apparently, except for the American flag. They sell coffee makers, leather chairs, computers and desks. No flags. The very snarky helpful lady told me Office Max wouldn't have flags, either.

For crying out loud?! Where does one have to go to get an American flag? AMERICA - people!!

I mean really! This house has an American flag:

This house has an American flag:

This is the Governor Rick Perry's house (before it caught on fire).

And even this guy has a flag for his house!

I'm asking myself what the big deal is? Would retailers really take a loss to stock just a few of these symbols of American pride? Is it too much to ask to go to a store, here in America, and be able to purchase, stimulate the economy, if you will, an AMERICAN flag?? I'm baffled, people.

Thank goodness for American What did people do before the internet?? They went to their local store and purchased one from a friendly salesperson and were told to have a nice day. Or they did this.

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