Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday…with some words…

I like wordless Wednesdays. It gives me a chance to show off some pictures that I have cramming up my phone. Let’s see, since you’ve already seen the grandbabies this week, let me think of some other pictures. Hmmm…

How about the one where I caught crabs at the beach house shelter during our recent evacuation?


I could show you the lengths we went to, to assure a decent meal for the evacuees:


Oh! I did want to share a picture for my friend Dawn over at Lighten Up who, because of the damned derecho, did not get to see “Magic Mike” and all the hot, naked, young things. Here you go, Dawn, some hot naked things:


Wait a minute!!
That’s not hot. I’m so sorry. That’s not the picture I had in mind. Here you go:


Now we’re talkin! These guys are hot!!

It wouldn’t be a true picture sharing Wordless Wednesday without the requisite shot, or three, of the dogs:

IMG_3646 IMG_3654 IMG_3658
It is so tough being an evacuee.


Well, I gotta tell you. Yesterday, after posting about the dead bird, there was one person in my mind who I knew would be the one to ask to see the pictures. I was right, of course.

For my friend in Boston, you are called Twisted Susan for a reason…here you go:



I know, right? EEEWWW!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!


  1. EEEEWWW! You're very brave for trying to get the corpse out.

    I like the dogs on the dock. They look like they had a rough time being evacuated.

  2. Yeah, I'd have thrown out the bird feeder too - and told the husband to take his own dang picture of it.

  3. You featured a number of formerly living winged animals today, I almost forgot that it was Dead Thing Wednesday!

  4. I'm surprised he didn't give the typical male response of "Throw a sheet over it and I'll take care of it when I get home" not that I've ever done that or anything...

  5. I'm glad you posted those naked hot things. I'm pretty sure I won't find the time to see Magic Mike :)

  6. Um, those are not the "hot, naked young things" to which I was referring.
    You're crazy.
    I heart you.
    Thanks. Best laugh I've had all week.

  7. Oh yuck! You poor thing. Well, really I guess the poorest thing was that bird. EEEEWWWW

  8. I would have left that job for my hubby for sure. He is in charge of dead stuff!

  9. I am amazed to get this information. thanks for posting.

  10. Was the bird so horrifying it drove you away from the Internet? 'Cause that's sad!

  11. one year since a new post :(

  12. This has been the longest wordless Wednesday! I wish you would write an update! MC/CG Bro


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