Monday, July 2, 2012

Storms make trees take deeper roots. - Dolly Parton

Except when storms pick up the trees and send them crashing down on power lines all over your state. CGMan and I were sitting around watching TV late Friday evening, minding our own business when we heard our patio furniture fly past the living room window. Right about that time, the power went off. Looking outside, I expected to see a cow fly by and a guy riding a bike with that creepy tornado music from The Wizard of Oz.It scared us enough to get the dogs in the basement and wait it out. The next morning we realized the power probably was not going to come back on any time soon, so when Chef Sue called from the beach house, it didn't take much to convince us to pack up the dogs and get out of dodge. We are still at the "shelter" and let me tell you, it's been rough. When Chef Sue put the fresh ears of corn on thE grill, the husks caught fire and in turn set the chicken on fire. It had been lazily spinning on its rotisserie all afternoon. The steak Diane turned out perfectly, though. I have a beautiful picture of it flaming perfectly in the pan, but because I am roughing it in the shelter, I cannot get it to upload on my iPad. Oh, the struggles. We are told the power should be restored by the end of the week. Unfortunately, that didn't help with the freezer and fridge contents, but at least the wine will survive! Don't worry about us, we'll be fine here at the beachside shelter for the rest of the week.