Friday, May 25, 2012


Memorial Day

The bugle echoes shrill and sweet,
But not of war it sings to-day.
The road is rhythmic with the feet
Of men-at-arms who come to pray.

The roses blossom white and red
On tombs where weary soldiers lie;
Flags wave above the honored dead
And martial music cleaves the sky.

Above their wreath-strewn graves we kneel,
They kept the faith and fought the fight.
Through flying lead and crimson steel
They plunged for Freedom and the Right.

May we, their grateful children, learn
Their strength, who lie beneath this sod,
Who went through fire and death to earn
At last the accolade of God.

In shining rank on rank arrayed
They march, the legions of the Lord;
He is their Captain unafraid,
The Prince of Peace...Who brought a sword.

-- Joyce Kilmer



Enjoy your Memorial Day, and as you gather with friends for a barbeque and camaraderie, take a moment to remember the men and women through out history, who have given everything they had to give in service to our country.

For all our military personnel, I wish to say “Thank You” for your service and hard work. You are appreciated!


  1. That's a beautiful poem with poignant photos. This is a wonderful reminder about what Memorial Day is all about.

  2. American's always puts the rest of the world to shame when it comes to honouring their fallen. God Bless!! To get more info please visit


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