Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away…

Over the weekend, I took the girls to the dog park. While we go every day of the week, they especially like the weekends because there are plenty of other dogs to play with.


It was a beautiful, warm day and it was so fun to watch the dogs playing in the water and chasing balls. As I was tossing rocks in the water for Phoebe to bob for, I noticed a bit of drama going on in the background. A dog had crossed the creek to the other side and couldn’t (or wouldn’t) come back. He kept barking for his mom to come get him. I had my camera out already, because I don’t have near enough pictures of my own dogs, and took some pictures of the doggie drama.

Come on! Come back across. Pleeeze?             No.

Well, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you.     Maybe a cookie?              

Okay, you’ll catch me, right?

Sike! Haha! Try to get me now!!

You still love me, right?


IMG_1071    IMG_1077
After watching that, I was thankful my dog can’t swim. She’s not very good at bobbing for rocks, either, but I keep that to myself.

Don’t be afraid to whip out your camera and catch life’s little moments.


  1. Awww what cute pup drama! Glad to know bobbing for rocks is all your stinkers get into. Better than having to rescue them.

  2. That's why my little dog never gets to go offleash. He ends up going somewhere just barely out of my reach and then refuses to come back.

  3. At least they dip their little paws in the water! Last weekend Jack ran across the swamp after some mallards and I thought Leo was going to have to get him. He swam his little paws back to us - ducks are great motivators!

  4. I'm so jealous of your awesome dog park. Chloe is ready for a field trip to meet Phoebe and Zoe - let us know when works for you!!

  5. How fun! Took Crazy Suzie over to my friend Marjie's house to swim this weekend. She had a blast. Did I take my camera? I did not.
    Fun stuff, my Dawn. :)

  6. Hi,Dawn!

    Congrats on getting the whole dog(s) in the picture! You'll pat yourself on the back if you see my dog pictures in "The Gatekeeper of the Photos" on my blog at
    Cathy Turney

  7. That was wonderful. I personally find dogs very funny...



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