Friday, April 20, 2012

My shirt of many colors…

I love to paint the rooms of my home. Most of you know this about me already. There is plenty on this here blog to prove that. What you may not know is I wear the same shirt every time I paint. Every. Time. I don’t wear the same pants because they keep shrinking in the drawer between paint jobs. Dammit.

Here is my shirt of many colors and oh, how I love it so…


Ahh, the memories.


This blue speck right here? That’s the color I painted the master bathroom in this new house, in the city. The color is called “Aqua-Sphere”. I must be getting better at painting, because this is the only little splotch I had on my shirt of many colors.

The before pictures are really bad, because CGMan took them when he came to look at the house. (Yes, yes, I know that I chronicle almost every paint job and yes, you would think I would always remember to take a “before” picture. It happens that I get too excited and forget –it’s the story of my life. That’s how I came to have two husbands and three kids) As I was saying…CGMan found this house as the owners were still moving out, so it hadn’t been cleaned up yet, but he took pictures to send to me for my approval. You have to move fast when you are trying to rent a house in the city. So here are the before pictures:


The curtains hanging there are homemade white and blue striped.

Now, after I donned my shirt of many colors and transformed this colorless bathroom, here is the new and improved master bath:






I truly believe my shirt of many colors has just a little magic in it, wouldn’t you say?


  1. Talent!! What time will you be here at my house? With your paintbrush? And your shirt?
    Lovely rooms. :)

  2. Mom! I wonder if that's the yellow I see from my room when I was young. But I do remember loving that shirt:) I even borrowed it to wear to school sometimes! that's old! Bathroom looks great. I love a good transformation:)

    1. i remember that NEON YELLOW room!! it glowed from the street!!

  3. I too have a shirt of many colors! It's a neon green Vacation Bible School shirt that has two shades of blue, pink and two shades of purple all over it. I am not a neat and tidy painter. But now it's tradition!

    Also, the best part is if you ever can't remember what the color was you used, simply take the shirt into Home Depot and they can color match!!

  4. I have a painting shirt too. I love seeing all the splatters, and remembering the various rooms.

  5. Love that shade of blue! Gorgeous!

  6. Wonderful transformation, darling!
    I have cut-off khakis with many pockets that I always wear when I paint. They are loose enough to fit when I gain weight & still stay up when I lose weight. They have every color of everything I've painted for the last 13 years.

  7. Looks fabulous! I like the accent color, too. Yay shirt of many colors. And I HATE when my pants shrink in the drawer!

  8. You did an outstanding job, Dawn! Love the color!

  9. What a fabulous transformation! Bee.u.ti.ful!

  10. Oooh - gorgeous! And not burning my retinas. :)


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