Friday, April 6, 2012

Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings…

I’ve been busy, but this time with real stuff!

When our friend Debra, from Austin, asked when she should come to visit, I immediately said, Oh, come in the spring for the cherry blossoms! Yeah, I was smoking crack or something, because I totally forgot that Every.Middle.School.In.The.Nation comes to see the fricken cherry blossoms in the spring. Combined with the fact that it was a warmer than usual winter and we had a pretty awesome windstorm the week before, there weren’t many cherry blossoms left to see by the time Debra got here. Not to worry, there is always plenty to do in DC.

IMG_0482 IMG_3133IMG_3132

Oh wait. There is more than good food and wine in DC. You probably want to hear about that, hunh?


Yes, that is a tree made of chrome. It is pretty awesome.

Debra and I went to the National Museum of the American Indian. I’ll be honest and say that out of all the really cool museums in DC, I thought this one would be a dud less than exciting. Maybe it is the crack I’ve been known to smoke, but I could not have been more wrong. It was really cool! Oh, and the food in the café is to die for. Not your typical cafeteria fare, for sure! And yes, it really is all about the food.


The trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms was not a total wash. Somebody please tell me those are cherry blossoms. I am the worst tour guide, because honestly? I really don’t know what they look like. How could I not, though, because every single gift shop in DC has Cherry Blossom crap stuff for sale. From earrings, to T-shirts and hoodies, to playing cards and coloring books. All about the cherry blossom.

Anyway, it was an awesome week with beautiful weather and great company. Every time someone comes to visit, I learn a little more about this city I live in. That’s a good thing, right? By the time you get here, maybe I’ll know a little more than where is the best place to drink eat!

Mussels & Mischief


  1. While you're busy with Cherry Blossoms, we're busy with Bluebonnets! We've got friends coming into town tomorrow, and we're hoping the tail end of the bluebonnets will hold out until Sunday so we can take pictures.

  2. Really, Dawn, all you need to know is the best place to drink. Have I taught you nothing? haha. Cherry blossoms be damned. We all saw them on our 8th grade trips. ;)

  3. Crack is wack! But you are a great tour guide. Is IS all about the food!

  4. Dawn,I am 100 percent in agreement with you about food and drink. I also have to confess, I grew up in the next town over from the Louisa May Alcott house, and never made a pilgrimage to see where Little Women was written. My bad.

  5. I've done my share of period stuff. I'm not sure why, but people say I have a period face. The bread and butter of British TV is Jane Austen adaptations and bridges and bonnets and boats and horses. To get more info please visit


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