Friday, February 3, 2012

Between the wish and the thing lies the waiting…

Here we are again. Waiting.

I tell you, the last few days of these pregnancies have been enough to snap the last string of my sanity. Here I am again, waiting for the birth of a grandbaby. Only this time, I’m right here. I don’t know which is worse, being on the other side of the country waiting for the phone to ring, or sitting here, watching the Girl’s every move, trying not to ask, yet again, if she’s okay.

The grandgirl is not due until Wednesday. All of us, especially the Girl, are ready now. The Girl has been working through the list of things to do while you wait. We’ve had pedicures, hairdos, and massages. We’ve been shopping, we have redecorated the guest room and we’ve finished the nursery. The car seat is in the car and the bags are packed for the hospital.

She has also tried several things on the list of things to do to make the baby come now. She’s been sitting on her exercise ball, painted a room, gone for a bumpy car ride (that only made her have to pee) and walked around the neighborhood. She has tried eating spicy foods, as well as pineapple, but stopped short of the castor oil smoothie (eewww!). There are a couple other pieces of advice, like sex, but I haven’t asked her about that. Today, we are going to try scare the baby out of her. We are going to the opening of The Woman in Black. Although, that may backfire and baby will never want to come out!

We are now facing this reality: the grandgirl will get here when she decides to get here.

I have put my bet on Sunday, as in Super Bowl Sunday. What dad wouldn’t want his kid born on Super Bowl Sunday? Since MJ’s team isn’t in the Super Bowl, I think that would be a perfect day to have a baby.

Dig out your best birthing wishes and send them this way so we can get this show on the road. Oh, and also send some healing thoughts to the Girl because she just caught a nasty cold. Nana’s chicken noodle soup, coming up!


  1. Get better soon Mego...and, oh by the way, hurry up and have my grandgirl. Love ya!

  2. Maybe you need to have Marine issue an order like he did for the boy grandbaby. That seemed to work on him...

  3. Hang in there Dawn. And especially hang in there, new Mom!

  4. Really and truly, there are plenty of scientific reasons why sex is the best thing for getting things ready to rock and roll on the labor. In addition to that, my clients all swear that eggplant parmigiana is supposed to help bring on labor. I don't know why that is, but why the hell not! it's delicious!

    At this time in the pregnancy I would get her on 6 small meals a day and lots and lots of water. It's really easy for pregnant moms to get dehydrated and that can bring on contractions that aren't really the effective ones you want.

    Let me know if I can help in any way!

  5. I will await the announcement during Super Bowl halftime unless Grandgirl plans to arrive before the game starts. Hope The Girl gets over her cold soon as she must be miserable. All the best to The Girl, the Grandgirl and you!

  6. Healing thoughts for The Girl. No fair to have a cold on your baby's birthday! I'm sure she's really glad to have her mom with her.

  7. Tell her to make a bunch of plans...that's what worked for me... the day after my due date...last minute baby shopping, the bank, grocery shop...and here come the contractions!

  8. Oh goodness I am just now reading this. Hopefully baby showed up yesterday!


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