Monday, January 23, 2012

Every vice has its excuse ready…

You may be thinking I have forsaken you and this little blog for the sweet face of the Lil Prince. Well, you are correct. I mean, geez, look at this face! You know for a fact that if you had access to this much adorableness, you’d be all “Dawn who?”


But it isn’t just him. It is also the imminent arrival of the grandgirl that has me distracted from all things blogosphere. It’s been too hard to concentrate on witty stories and clever dialog when stuff like this is going on all around me:


Who doesn’t love a baby shower? And cake? I tell you, that little girl is going to be on the best dressed list for the next six months. I then had the pleasure of helping the Girl unpack, wash, and store all the loot from not one, but three baby showers.

One of the showers was a diaper shower, which I think is a very clever idea. They were smart and had it on a playoff weekend and invited all MJ’s dude friends and their girlfriends. The ladies thought they were going to a baby shower and they guys thought they were coming to a football party with a box of diapers as a cover charge. Win-win. They scored over 2,000 diapers in various sizes.


We are now on the final countdown to the grandgirl’s arrival. Every time the phone rings, I wonder if this will be it. When I talk to the Girl on the phone and she says she feels funny, I’m all “Funny ha-ha or funny like it’s time to have a baby funny”. I don’t even have to see her face to know she has just rolled her eyes. I can hear the sigh in her voice, “Oh Mom, you silly, I’ll let you know the second it’s the kind of funny that means we’re going to have a baby today.”

photo         photo3

I’m due to move in with her at the end of next week. At that point, I won’t have to ask her what kind of funny she is feeling, I can just stare at her. I’m sure that won’t bother her at all. I mean, she knows she’s having a baby, she knows I’m probably more goofy excited than the average parent (you have met me, right?) so she should expect a little extra scrutinizing attention. Did I tell you I get to be a coach?! Hopefully, I won’t pester myself right out of that honor.

While I like to think I’m not making excuses for neglecting my blog and my ever faithful readers, I am totally making excuses. And here’s another one:


Stay tuned for the arrival of the girl grandbaby!!


  1. The cutest little Prince ever!! And all the way cute Pink stuff and that cute little prego mama, I just don't know how you can stand it! Good luck with the count down and being the best Coach ever!

  2. Dawn, I love your new category - Nana Chronicles! We know you are on baby patrol/active duty for awhile, just keep us posted on the new arrival! And OMG, is that little boy cute.

  3. Ooh Dawn, I am so happy for you and all your happiness!

    If you want any helpful hints on being a great labor coach, shoot me a message. Happy to help, even if from afar!

  4. Can't wait to hear about the newest little!

  5. Awww he is so beyond cute. Can't wait to hear all about the grandgirl!

  6. That grandbaby boy is adorable. I'm also smiling at all your happiness.

  7. Glad you popped back in, but totally understand such cuteness keeping you away!

  8. Dawn who? say what? Sorry, I was distracted by all the cute. :) enjoy, my friend.

  9. You get to be in the delivery room?
    That's fantastic!

    When did the Lil Prince get so BIG?


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