Friday, December 16, 2011

To succeed in your mission, you must have a single-minded devotion to your goal…

Mission: Grandbabies

I might have mentioned a time or two million that I loved being a mom and raising my kids. It was the best job ever. The next logical step was to become a grandma, for which I waited ever so patiently. Okay, maybe not so patiently, but at least my hints were subtle. Sort of.

Anyway, I am now going to embark on my newest position in life, that of NANA. I have been called forth to bring my brand new, unused Nana skills to help with the grandboy while his daddy, the Marine, heads to the next duty station to do Marine stuff. I’m needed for a whole month!! While she might not need (or want) my outdated expertise, Sunshine could certainly use an extra pair of hands, Nana hands, to help while daddy is away.

There is another mission on the horizon for me, as is the case with most super heroes Nanas, and I plan to be at the ready. That mission? Helping bring the grandgirl into this world! How convenient for this Nana that everyone lives in the same city. Not the same city, state, or even the same half of the country that Nana is in, but I’m trying to let that go.

Oh, already the Nana job is way cooler than the mommy job!

This weekend, I’ll be loading up my little red wagon, which totally reminds me of a sleigh this time of year, and heading out on my missions. I’ll be bringing presents for the babies (lots of presents! - it’s what Nanas do) along with presents for everyone else, because it is Christmas after all.

But first, my checklist:



  A First Christmas Teddy Bear – Check!







  Sock Monkey – Check!








  Finger puppets – Check!








A book to read to the Lil Prince – Check!






A book to read to the Princess as soon as she gets here --






  4Gigs for my camera – Check!
  Think that will be enough? Maybe I should hit Costco before I leave.





I’m not sure I would take on this mission if it weren’t for this:


  Don’t laugh! There is some good stuff in here! Refreshers, like how to swaddle, how to change a diaper and burp a baby. Also good tips like following the lead of the parents and not telling them what to do.

  Then, when the babies are big enough to play with, there are all kinds of fun games to make, car trips to go on and treasure hunts to have.



Oh! One more thing I must load up into the little red wagon before I go.

A tradition.

Every family has them and one of ours has always been to read aloud The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. The task usually fell to the one just learning to read, but after so many years, we all kind of know it by heart.

I need to make sure the Lil Prince keeps the tradition alive:

IMG_1426  IMG_1427
I picked this one because it has bulldogs in it. And yes, that is a Band-Aid on my finger. I stabbed myself with the wine tool I keep in my makeup bag. What? While we’re on the subject, I have a question, what happened to the little red string that helped you get the band-aid open while you’re bleeding everywhere? That would have come in handy this morning.


I think that about covers everything I’ll need for my mission. I’ll check in from the road and of course, once I get there. And no, I did not forget the cookies:


This is Nana, over and out!

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