Thursday, December 15, 2011

I try to take one day at a time–but sometimes several days attack me at once…

People, I have been busy. Busy, busy, busy. I didn’t want you to worry, or gather a search party because you hadn’t seen me around in a while. I’m still here!

See, it’s like this. I was in a rush to get Christmas decorations UP before the company came and now I’m in a rush to get the Christmas decorations DOWN so they won’t be shoved willy nilly into boxes CGMan won’t have to bother with it when I’m gone.

Then there is the Christmas shopping, which I am pleased to announce, that I have FINISHED (as of 5 minutes ago). Thank you, Lord, for the World Wide Web. I’m not sure how this evolved, but CGMan only has one person on his list to shop for and I have everyone else. Hunh. Apparently, he was done a month ago. It actually works out well, because if he doesn’t help me shop, he has no say in how much it costs who gets what.

Now it’s time to see to the rest of the house before my departure. Things like stocking toilet paper and Lean Cuisines. Actually, CGMan does pretty well when he’s on his own. First of all, he hires the cleaning lady our neighbor uses and has her come once a month to clean up, then he either eats over the sink or uses paper plates (note to self: stock paper plates). I have no fear that he will starve, either. You have heard of our friends CHEF Sue and CHEF Craig? Yah.

Oh, I mustn’t forget the cookies. I know I said I wasn’t going to make any cookies this year, but I cannot show up on my grandboy’s doorstep cookieless. What kind of Nana does that? So tomorrow, whilst I am having my little red wagon washed (that’s my new car, for those not in the know), I will whip up some special Santa cookies to take on my journey.

Yes, here in the city, they come to you, to wash your car! And if you get a Groupon/Deal Chicken/Living Social deal, it is so worth it. I bought eight as a Christmas present to myself. Sorry CGMan, maybe next year you’ll help me shop! So that is one less thing I have to take care of before I leave. For the record, I always, ALWAYS, get my car washed before a road trip. It is a known fact that a clean car gets better gas mileage. It also helps to get the dog stink out before heading on a three day trip.

There you have it, people. This is why you have not seen me on the playground all week.

What’s been up with you?

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