Monday, November 14, 2011

Cheers and chafes…

Cheers! – Finally! A store that carries Grape Nut Flakes! You wouldn’t think that is a big deal, but it is. I need them for my cookies diet. Well, they started out on my diet and then I found they make great cookies. In Texas, there was never a problem finding them, but for reasons unknown, the capitol of our great nation doesn’t seem to care for Grape Nut Flakes.

Chafes! – The only store that carries Grape Nut Flakes is a Wal-Mart that is 23 miles away. That’s right. ONE Wal-Mart, twenty- three MILES away. Oh yeah, that’s through some major ugly road construction, too. Even the navigator girlfriend couldn’t get me around the construction, unless I wanted to go home by way of West Virginia.

Cheers! – the cookies I make with the Grape Nut Flakes are that good!

Cheers! – there are some great dogs parks here in Arlington. Well, we’ve only been to one, so I’m assuming they’re all as great as this one. There is a stream and woods and trails with lots and LOTS of squirrels. The dogs get to go off leash and chase to their hearts content. When she isn’t chasing squirrels with Zoe, Phoebe likes to chase other dogs’ balls. She never wins, but they think she will, so they run harder. It’s funny to watch the one-eyed German shepherd race for the ball when he sees Phoebe lurching that way.


Chafes! – Dogs parks are for dogs. People should not bring their children to the off-leash dog park, if said children are afraid of dogs. There is nothing more unsettling than to have your very friendly 60 pound bulldog run up to a little kid, looking for snacks love, only to have the kid scream bloody murder, while his mom yells at him just stand still and he won’t hurt you!! First of all, mean dogs are not let off leash at the dog park and second of all, what the hell are you doing in the middle of the dog park with a kid who is scared of dogs?!? I mean really. Dogs aren’t allowed at kid parks, it just makes sense that kids who obviously have issues with dogs, should not be allowed in the dog park.

Cheers! – Boxed hair color. I know my beautician daughter would strongly disagree, but for someone with short hair like me, it’s so convenient and inexpensive to color my own hair once a month or so. I cut it so often, it just seems a waste to spend $100 to have it colored, only to cut it again the next month. Besides, it always looks so fresh and shiny when I color it.  And it only costs about ten dollars.

Chafes! – Box hair color that has a color in the bottle that doesn’t look anything like the color on the box. I like my hair to be a caramel-y color with maybe a bit of red. That’s what this box said it was, but that is not what is on my head right now. What is on my head right now looks like a burnt caramel. Or dark chocolate caramel. Oooh, is anyone else wanting to run to See’s Candy right now? Of course, I called the Girl to ask how to fix it and I could hear her shaking her head, Mom, Mom, Mom. Only a stylist can fix that for you. I sent her a picture and she says it doesn’t look that bad.

Cheers! – She took pity on me and promised a total make-over when I go to visit next month. Score!  Daughters who are stylists means Mommy always looks good!

Then there are the usual rants, of course, like toilets that won’t clean themselves, dog who don’t earn their keep and that fricken Mother Nature. Is it fall? Is it summer? Is it winter?? I can’t tell from one week to the next. Pick one already!

So, what’s been chafing your hide?


  1. There isn't enough daylight now to accomplish all I want to! Or give me enough vitamin D and endorphins.

  2. Hmmm, let's see:
    1. Friends who insist on putting up Xmas decorations before Thanksgiving.
    2. 86 degree weather in the middle of November.
    3. Family member who think the dishwasher fills itself, and that leaving dirty dishes RIGHT ABOVE the dishwasher is good enough.
    4. My husband (on occassion)
    5. Math
    6. Birthday cake in the refrigerator that calls to me every time I open the door.
    7. Grocery stores that have only one of something left on the shelf when I need two.
    8. Dogs that roll in dead grass then come in and lie on my couch.
    9. How other people in my gym class still look human at the end of class when I leave looking like a swamp creature.
    10. Friends - Christmas decorations - Thanksgiving...see #1.

    Oh, and all of that, just in the past 3 days!

  3. Don't get me going about people who bring kids to dog parks. Not just the ones who are afraid - how about letting the toddlers who can barely walk roam loose, only to be knocked over by playing dogs? Drives me nuts, it does - so much that I don't go to dog parks anymore.

  4. Cheers:
    Family coming into town!
    Family leaving!
    The end of summer means the end of Construction Season in Michigan
    It also means it's COLD!

  5. 1. Husbands who say they are going to do things on the Important To Do List, and never do them.
    2. Husbands who start at the bottom of the Important To Do List and leave the job half-done till the following weekend. Because you can't do that kind of stuff on a weekday!
    3. People who refuse to r.s.v.p. They should never be invited anywhere again.
    4. People who move to a No Pets Allowed apartment when they have a pet, and then have to scramble to find that pet a "new home". Dicks.

    That's all I have today. I am still doing the "Thankful for one new thing daily" on facebook. It's my 3rd year of participating in it. This year I have chosen to do all people, not things. And it's getting harder and it's only the 14th!

  6. I have a dear friend that lives in Ashburn (VA) and she can't find Russian Dressing. I mail it to her from GA. The people at the post office always have a dumb look on their face when they ask if the package has anything liquid and I respond, "yes, salad dressing but it's in a zip lock bag."

    Things that irritate me:
    When my husband ignores me when I ask my an important question. I refer to it as selective hearing.

  7. Cheers! The BIG bottle of Maker's Mark.
    Chafes! It's all drunk up.

  8. I'm seriously trying to talk one of our three daughters into being a stylist or beautician...I NEED it!! :)

    Are you sharing that awesome recipe worth driving so far for?


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