Friday, November 18, 2011


By today’s title, I’m sure you are thinking that I am going to announce the arrival of my grandboy. You would be mistaken. He is not here yet. I am reminded daily that he is not due to arrive until next Tuesday. To which I always answer, He doesn’t know what day it is!!  (He totally gets that from his Grammy, who also never knows what day it is)

Rather than sit around and watch a ticking clock or a pot that won’t boil, I have been looking for something to start off the holiday season on my blog here. I remembered Scottish Woman showing me a video of some silent monks, singing, or signing I should say, to the Messiah chorus.

It’s very cute and not too Christmasy, so it should satisfy even the most ardent Christmas is in DECEMBER type people.




I have a project for you over the weekend, my dear readers. It is this…send happy, welcoming, baby birthing thoughts to the Marine and Sunshine. If baby feels the love from all of my readers, maybe he’ll make an appearance! Or scare him off forever, I don’t know, but it’s worth a try.

Let’s get this show on the road!!


  1. Oh I know how excited you are!!! Good luck and come on Baby Sunshine! Let's get it on!!

  2. I am so thinking happy birthing thoughts for him. We're all very excited to "meet" him, too!

  3. We are ready for you to make your entrance, little man! Best wishes to Sunshine!

  4. Permission To make a great entrance Folks,see ya'all in a few.

  5. In choir in high school, we always sang the Hallelujah Chorus, and the alumni would come on stage and sing it with us. I remember the director said we had to sing extra loud since the alumni always think they remember it so well, but really don't. It's been almost 7 years since I sang it up on that stage as part of the choir and I remembered nearly all of it listening to that video. We practiced it so MUCH.

    That video was hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  6. While I still find it sacrilegious to think about Christmas before Thanksgiving, that video is seriously cool. I want someone to do that here.

    I hope the baby's born on Tuesday-my youngest is turning 9 the same day! It's a seriously cool birthday, because every few years, people eat turkey to celebrate you!

  7. There are several versions of this out on YouTube but I like this one the best.

    I think the Marine and his Sunshine are just waiting to give you an awesome Thanksgiving present...

  8. Happy Birthday thoughts! Happy Birthday thoughts! Get here, little monkey!

  9. I could not get my son to come out (16 years ago)
    I walked, ran, talked sweetly, drank funny concoctions, even had sex (awkward)
    When he decided to come out was when I tried to take a nice nap. Then he was all like "OMG, gotta get out there NOW!!"


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