Friday, October 14, 2011

Life is one grand sweet song, so start the music…

As I do every morning, I read the news, then I check Facebook and then I read blogs. Often times, I hope I will read something, anything, to give me a creative spark. I know a lot of you think blogging is so easy. Just get up and write about whatever is on your mind. It kind of doesn’t work that way, because I am all but certain you do not want to know what is on my grocery list or the fact that Phoebe stinks, again, and needs a bath, again, or that I am still hoping the toilets will clean themselves. Not much blog fodder there, I’m afraid.

This morning was different. One of my bloggy buddies, Meg, is getting married in one month’s time. She listed for us the “must have” songs and the “do not play” songs that she prepared for the DJ. What is it about songs that spark memories in us? As I read through her list, all I could think about were the songs that were played at my wedding, which caused me to think about my children and how I have a specific song in my memory associated with each of them.  

Because today is Friday, and no one is really working anyway, I am going to share those three songs with you.

The first is for the Marine, because he is the oldest and because he managed to get the DJ to play this song at our wedding, even though it was on the “do not play” list. How a 12 year old could bribe a DJ, I have no idea. He listened to it quite a lot that year. It won’t surprise you to know that the 6 year old Skater is the only one who danced to this song.

Next up we have The Girl, who flat out bugged the crap out of her brother, the Marine, with all her boy bands, dance bands and the singing that went along with them. The Skater didn’t mind so much, because he was still young and would sing whatever the Girl was singing. Those two often put on “concerts” for us, with Skater being one of her background dancers. Which totally brought to my mind Justin Timberlake on SNL as Beyoncé's back up dancer for “Single Ladies”. BAH!

On a road trip to Florida one year, the Girl played this cassette over and over on her walkman, singing the whole time. Loudly. This song was her favorite:

Now we have Skater, my baby. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like to be referred to as my baby these days, as he is now a 21 year old man. Whatever, dude, you’re still my baby and Momma loves you. He had, and still has, an uncanny memory for scenes in movies. He would watch a movie with Grandma while I was at work and then tell it back to me, verbatim, with sound effects and everything, when I got home. His favorite movie while staying with Grandma was Cinderella. His favorite characters were the mice. He used to sing this song to himself while he was in the bathtub from the time he was 3 years old until… well, maybe he still does...

I just read a science article that talks about the brain and a frontal cortex and how it stores familiar music to serve as a soundtrack for mental movies that play in your head. Memories. Not the song Memories, even though that’s a good song, but memories associated with a particular piece of music. If you are interested in the science part of it, you can read about it here. 

It is interesting how music plays such an important role in our lives. We use it as an exclamation point for the more meaningful moments in our lives. A song mom would sing, a father-daughter dance, a first dance with our spouse, and memories of our children.

I like that.

But really, no chicken dance? Who has a wedding without the chicken dance?


  1. I love the songs and the memories they bring back for you! What a sweet post for a Friday! If your kids read your blog I hope they have tears in their eyes! (Dawn's Dad might?)

  2. I didn't allow the Electric Slide at my wedding because I hate all those synchronized dances, mainly because I'm too uncoordinated to follow them, but you would have thought I'd announced there would be no wedding cake. People were outraged that they couldn't get their slide on.

    And you're absolutely right about blogging, my friend, and or writing in general. Writing is just the hardest yet most glorious thing. It drives me batty when I say I've written a novel and someone will answer, "Oh yeah, I'm going to do that,soon." As if it was as easy as jogging around the block. Drives me batty.

    And music is everything. Music is and always has been such an influence in my life. If the world embraced really tone deaf, awful sounding singers, I would have been a major rock star right now. It is my calling, but alas, no one seems to enjoy that kind of singer, except for Rihanna's mystifying allure. Ahem.

    Anyway, except for Cinderelly, your videos aren't working. They've already been yanked. Damn copyright police. To get around that, I always just link to the video in the hopes that people aren't too lazy and will click on the link.

  3. I love song memories! Those are my favorites. And yep, I'm the evil bridezilla who vetoes the Chicken Dance at her wedding. I'm just mean.

    I remember one summer with my grandparents where I played "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" by Bryan Adams over and over on my Walkman. Anytime I hear that song I still get a pang of eleven year old angst.

  4. I can share music with my kids but they don't care about my memories.

  5. Nick and I got into a heated discussion over the "Chicken Dance" for our wedding...he was for I was against. I was so adamant and you know what? At this point I really don't know if it was played after all or not!!! It's funny how in the long run things like that don't even matter.-Paulene

  6. I really like this one! Thanks for the inside view to the kids.

  7. You wanna know what a wedding song buzzkill I was? WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE DANCING AT OUR RECEPTION. It's like I was living in Beaumont with Ren McCormick. The Man hated to dance, and we decided to just forgo the entire endeavor. Sigh.

    I have such emotional song memories for my kids. And some aren't even about children per se, but a line of the lyric will just FIT them to a T. Sigh again. Maybe I should start blogging again. You're giving me the urge to write. :)


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