Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life…

Do you ever wake up suddenly thankful for all the wonderful people in your life? You should. I admit, I don’t have that happen every single morning, because sometimes I wake up to a dog snuffling in my ear (that would be Zoe because Phoebe can’t get on the bed by herself) or to the sound of CGMan’s iPhone alarm going off in the next room while he is downstairs making coffee. I’m really not thinking about wonderful people in my life at that particular moment.

But today, today was different. I woke up feeling so blessed with the people who wrap themselves close to me. My husband, my children, the grandbabies who are waiting to be born, and my friends.

I’ve never had a gazillion friends. I’ve never been what you call the life of the party or a leader in the social arena. I look for quality in my friends, instead of quantity. I am blessed to have a large handful of really, really good friends. I may not see some of them much anymore, but thanks to Facebook we stay connected. There are others I talk to on the phone fairly often, and we pick up right where we left off, no matter if it’s been a week or a month since we last spoke.

In Austin, I have three close girlfriends who all live in the same neighborhood…the one I used to live in. The four of us were such cut-ups when we got together, which was often. They are the first to rally the troops when someone was sick and needed meals for families, or running children to school. They have even been gracious enough to lend a husband when mine was out of town, for killing scorpions, trimming trees or climbing ladders to hang a picture.

These are the same gals who took care of my dogs when I had to leave quickly to care for my mom. After my mom died, without hesitation, they stepped up to learn what all it takes to ship two dogs, and get them to the airport so I could have my faithful companions at a time when I needed them most. That’s quality.

And tomorrow? These two quality girls are coming to visit me!


We are going to have a huge BFF kind of weekend, which is never, ever dull.

I can’t wait.

P.S. What happens on the patio stays on the patio unless your best friend has a blog.


  1. Squeal, you are so lucky! Be sure and photograph all the food and beverage details!

  2. Uh oh, I think the Department of Homeland Security just raised the danger warning to Code Red!! look out D.C.!

  3. Whoot! BFF Weekends are the best. Have fun!

  4. Can't wait to read all about this happy gathering!

  5. I's jealous! Y'all enjoy! iigg

  6. Great news! Sound like a fun time and I can't wait to hear all of the patio stories!

  7. Have a great weekend! Sounds like you'll be having a blast.

  8. Oh, yay! What wild times you're going to have. Can't wait to hear what laws you break!

  9. You choose the BEST photos for your quality friends! We will bless you with our presence, nonetheless

  10. Have fun, sweetness! The girl with the rubber cap looks to be 18! (I hope you got your book. I should have included a note in it. I suck.)

  11. YES! My best friend lives in New York so I know how it can kinda suck to not have them around. Enjoy the laughter and drinks and laughing!

  12. Oh, so much fun! Have a fabulous time. And I have done the very same thing with those purply, slimy balls. Rock that patio!

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