Wednesday, September 14, 2011

True love stories never have endings…

Once upon a time, fifteen years ago to be exact, there was a IMG_0007who was 28 years old. Okay, she was 31, whatever.
She was a nice lady and worked very hard. She lived in a small house and had some
IMG_0009 whom she loved very much. Oh, she also had a IMG_0005

One day she met IMG_0008 and fell in sculpture_love_word_red_hot_engage_wedding_topper_photosculpture-p153232657673125195q9l0_400. Oh! She was one happy lady! Prince Charming was everything she could have asked for in a prince.
He was instantly enchanted with the IMG_0004a
and the dog. The kitten? No so much.

The pretty lady and Prince Charming picked a special day in the fall, September 14th, and invited their friends and family to spend the day with them.  With a five-voice chorus of “I Do”

and the light

they became vacation

Happy Anniversary to my Prince Charming and my beautiful family!
I love you.

The next fifteen years are going to be just as awesome!

P.S. Let it be noted for the record that Price Charming became enamored of the kitten and they became best buddies for 12 years.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Awwww, so sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Perfect post! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Awe... I love Fairy Tales and happy endings! Such a good looking family! Happy anniversary to the both of you, well all 5 of you :)

  5. I love this b/c it's a love story. Many, many more years of blessings and love for you and the CGMAN! Happy Anniversary.

  6. 1. Happy Anniversary! If you're 28, I guess that means you got married at 13. That Jeffs nut would approve.

    2. Uh, hello, gorgeous-like-a-model, you were/are.

    3. Give a single sista some help: how did you meet?!

  7. Happy anniversary, Dawn & family!

  8. Your photos made me cry this morning! I love your wedding portrait, you all look so gorgeous. Happy anniversary, all the best people are celebrating them this week!

  9. Happy Anniversary, what do we call this, a gambling experince, turns out to be the big Jack Pot. I see you have spent it wisely, Good luck and many more Anniversaries.

  10. Happy Anniversary ! What a great post.

  11. Such a sweet post. Love the way you all became a family. Awesome. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Kitty's have that affect on people. Happy Anniversary!

  13. Happy Anniversary you two!
    Cheers to many more!

  14. Oh Dawn you were a beautiful bride and such a handsome couple - CCG man in his dress blues? (I am not sure of Coast Guard code?) Still beautiful and handsome couple!

  15. Yay! Happy Anniversary to you all!! Glad it all worked out well for the cat. :)

  16. Awww, Happy Anniversary pretty lady! Glad you had a great road trip too. Good luck CGman on the job!

  17. Congrats, darling! I very much enjoyed the pictures and couldn't help think how lucky CG Man was to get all of you.


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