Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The one where Dawn gets crabs…

We had a most exciting weekend with our friends Craig & Sue. And yes, I got crabs. I have to tell you, I was a little nervous at first when it was announced that Dawn would get crabs. But after a few glasses of wine, just about anything sounds like a good idea, right?

Shortly after we got to the shore (that would be the shore of the Patuxent River, lest you think it was some exciting shore, like Jersey or Tripoli) it was time to get crabs!

A little wine, some raw chicken…what a lovely way to get crabs!


Not knowing the first thing about getting crabs, it was a good idea to let the boys get things rolling…


But after that, I had to work to get crabs! I don’t understand, apparently some people just get crabs, by doing nothing more than laying around. Not me, though, I had to check the pots (although, as you can plainly see, they are not pots) every day and I had to learn the lingo (see again, the pots) and remember to say we were crabbing, not crab fishing as landlubbers are wont to say.


There are a lot of rules when you are crabbing. We can’t keep the girls, we can’t use the small ones for garnish and there is absolutely NO RUNNING, JUMPING or DIVING from the pier.


Dawn, breaking the rules since 1965.

Our little pair of crab pots yielded only four keep-able crabs.


Between these four and the half bushel that a neighbor gave us, we had enough crabs to make crab cakes for sandwiches. I’ll bet you’re wishing I had taken a picture of those, right? Me, too, but I inhaled the sandwich so fast, there was nothing to photograph. It was mighty fine, I must say. Definitely worth catching crabs for.

More interesting weekend stories to come. Like the chili that wasn’t really a chili, a lighthouse with no light and an airshow seen from the water. Stayed tuned and remember…if you don’t work for the crabs, they’re not worth having.



  1. Crabs love wine.

    I love the Breaking All The Rules series. The sign should also say, "And no Tai Chi"

  2. Mmmmm, crab cakes. One of the BEST kind of cakes.

  3. "Dawn. Breaking the rules since 1965." Hahahaaaa! Love it.
    Guess what, girl!? You won the Wade Rouse dog book! Private me your address, mon cheri!

  4. Dammit, I want crabs! I keep bugging my husband for traps but he has not gotten me any.

    Thanks again for the pickles! Hope you got my email. I'm having some right now. With my egg sandwich. No, I'm not pregnant.

  5. I grew up in Maryland and am a crab pickin' girl through and through!

    P.S. Nice dance moves!

  6. Oh, crabbing. Growing up in a small coast town I went crabbing quite a few times, and of course didn't care for it at all. You have to throw so many back and my dad would make us stay out there for FOREVER. But as an adult it looks rather fun. Will you take me?


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