Thursday, September 15, 2011

The key to change is to let go of fear…

Seriously, my dog has issues with change. I don’t get it. I can’t imagine what has happened in her short 3 years, of which she has spent all but 10 weeks with me, to make her afraid of anything new.

You may remember the presence of the present incident and the more recent evil that took up residence in our powder room.

Today, it’s a Volvo in my driveway.


This morning she went from window to window (of which there are 4) making her scared little growly/whiney noise, until I opened the front door. For two and a half hours now, she has been sitting like that, staring at the Volvo in the driveway. And yes, still making the scaredy, growly, whiney noises. She knows that is not my car and it has never been parked in our driveway before, so therefore…it must be evil.

Phoebe…really honey, let go of the fear.

At first, when I saw the Volvo in the driveway, with the keys on the counter, I was all SA-WEET! a Volvo for my birthday! And then I realized it belongs to CGMan’s golf buddy, Craig.

You know, since it is here all by itself, with no one to claim it, and it’s obviously scaring the dog, I think I should put the top down and get it out of her sight… for a few hours on a long stretch of red road.


  1. You really should move it, to a long back road. I think it's the right thing to do. FOR THE DOG.

  2. Oh, poor baby! She sits just like my girls sit.

    My mama dog, I swear, we think she needs glasses. She barks at everything that's not familiar. It can be a garbage can not in its regular spot and she will bark ferociously until you let her out an she sees that, indeed, it is just the garbage can.

    And I say, take that baby out for a spin.

  3. My little dog does that. A plastic bag blew into our yard once, and got caught up on the thorns in the hawthorn tree. I had to tell him to be quiet all day, until I finally got sick of the fight and removed the bag.

  4. You two could go for a cruise in it. That should alleviate some fears!


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