Friday, August 26, 2011

Winner, winner, chicken dinner…with pickles!

I have already given away a lot of my pickles to friends and family. When the Girl was here last month, she ate two whole jars. She has always loved pickles and being pregnant just gives her an excuse to claim whole jars for herself.

I also have enough left to add a jar to my hurricane preparedness kit. I never thought I would have to have one of those, but here I am, still suffering PTSD from the earthquake, gathering the ingredients to get me through a hurricane.


Even though I’m busy battening down the hatches and stocking up on tonic water, I did not forget to pick a winner for a jar of my awesome pickles. You guys shared some great stories. My favorite was the little girl, Ferne, who used a straw to suck all the juice out of the pickle.

I used a random number picker and it chose…*insert long, drawn out music*… Anita from Going A Little Coastal! It’s a good thing for her, because her pickles got wiped out by pickle worms. *evil bastards*
At least she had some to get wiped out, unlike poor Zadge, who had a little trouble with her pickles.

Congratulations, Anita!

I’m off now to finish stocking my liquor cabinets and trying to find Phoebe’s life jacket.


  1. Looks like the right hurricane kit to me. Your getting this disaster thing down.

    Also, make sure to fill your cars with gas and fill a spare gallon. When the power goes out, power to gas pumps go out also.

  2. Omg, I am so excited to be the pickle winner! I wanted to make pickles this year but I then realized I had slicing cucumbers and not pickling ones. There is a difference? Who knew? Well, besides you.

  3. Add a carton of cigarettes and a box of matches and you are about ready to ride out any storm.

    Oh, what Ron said is right. You might also want to have extra batteries on hand for flashlights, old school radios and the like.

  4. You have the best Hurricane Preparedness Kit ever. Seriously, I want to hang with you during bad weather because it will be a party!

  5. It's comforting to know we both have our priorities straight when it comes to bad weather!
    Stay safe!

  6. guess I would have gottern pickles if my husband hadnt shortsheeted your bed :(


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