Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There is no love sincerer than the love of pickles…

I have been asked by many readers, “How goes the farm? We haven’t heard anything lately.” Okay fine, only my dad has asked about my farm (Hi, Daddy!)

I gotta tell you, a farm is a lot of work. Just like a kid. They’re all cute and small in the beginning.


Then they get big and dirty and require more of your attention.


And then… they break your heart.


While it’s true I did get a pretty good crop of pickles, one beet, and some tomatoes, the heat wave we had really took it’s toll on my farm. I learned a good many things during my first season. Things like farms get bugs and you have to watch for them because they are sneaky little bastards. I learned about organic pesticides and such. I also learned that pickles need a deeper space. Eight pickles plants in one little raised bed is not really a good thing. I’m lucky I got as many as I did. In fact, I made just over a case of pickles! Yay for me!

It’s been a great season, but I’m not finished!


My Brussels sprouts are doing great! I’m doing my best to keep the damn bugs off them and it looks like I may get a pretty good crop.

When I picked my one beet a while back, I noticed there was a baby beet right next to it, so I stuck the baby back in the dirt and it’s doing well, too.


There you have it, that is how my farm is doing. I have to say, picking bugs off is not nearly as much fun as watching them grow to produce wonderful things. But it’s all part of the challenge of raising a kid garden, I guess.

So. Who wants a jar of my Inaugural Pickles??
Daddy, put your hand down, you’re already getting a jar.

If you would like to be my guinea pig the first non-family-member-so-you-don’t-have-to-say-anything-nice pickle patron, just leave a comment telling me what you like about pickles, or a pickle memory or even a some advice on how to grow pickles.

The winner, chosen by the online random number thingy, (Sorry, Phoebe the supermodel can’t be trusted not to eat the contestant entries while choosing one) will get to choose from:



1. Bread and butter slices before I learned how to really pack them in.

2. Mystery slices because I forgot to mark the top. I don’t see a dill sprig in it, but I don’t see the onions that I put in the B&B pickles, either. It’s anybody’s guess!

3. Dill spears from some of the larger pickles.



The winner will be announced on Friday.

Good luck! I can’t wait to hear about your love of pickles!


  1. Does Audubon Ron read your blog? If so, I'm scared what his comment will be!

    And? I have a pickle post coming up too. If pickles are cucumbers, that is.

  2. I have some great memories of sitting with my cousins around a baby pool that was full of cucumbers, sorting gherkins from dills. Not sure how, but somehow my aunt made that more fun than going to the pool.

    And, I'm sorry if this turns out to be my second comment. Blogger ate my first one. Also - you should leave my name out of the draw. Pickles aren't easy to get across the border.

  3. The pickles look great but I can't really say I'm a pickle person but your garden looks great too.

    (Zadgenette: I got a comment for ya.)

  4. The pickles look grate and i'm sure they will taste as good as they look,sour dill is my favorite.
    As for the bugs go to Wall Mart or any garden shop and get some 7 dust and dust them good once a week or after a rain cause the rain will wash it off.

  5. really - a favorite pickle memory????? Well that would be you, me, a fire in the fireplace, wine, a deep fryer or frying pan, oil, pickles from BJs, batter, and dipping sauce - all while watching it snow. Of course, this is normally after you convinced me that I should not go to work because of the slippery roads.

  6. I was substitute teaching in a 4 year old Pre-K class one year and every morning when the kids took out their lunch boxes this one cute little blonde girl named Ferne would have a giant dill pickle, like you get at the movies. And she would have a juice box. She would line all her items up and then take the straw from the juice box and shove it into the end of the pickle and suck that baby down to a pickle raisin. There was nothing left but a shriveled up dried out husk of a pickle. Then she would use the straw for her juice box and continue with the rest of her lunch.

    Every. Single. Day. That's how Ferne (I love that her name has an extra E) would have her lunch.

    And that, Dawn, is my favorite pickle story!

  7. So I have been a pickle lover all my life. I remember being four or five and eating Grandma's homemade bread and butter pickles. We used to have those every time we had lunch and even today the taste of bread and butter pickle makes me think of her.
    Funny thing, I am still partial to dill pickles over bread and butter. Sorry, Grandma!

  8. Well, I WANT to enter, but I only want to enter because I like winning things, but I'm not much of a pickle eater. My husband eats them like candy, but me, not so much.

    So, don't put me in the drawing, but they do look delicious!

  9. Love the straw in the pickle story and I wish I'd thought of it because as a kid, I used to just bite the end off and suck them dry. Stop it Ron...

    Anyhoo, don't need pickles - D.C. to NV is silly, but I love the garden report. And out here, we don't call them brussel sprouts, we call 'em Barbie Doll Heads.

    You're welcome.

  10. Beets and pickles are better off organic as homegrown plants.

  11. I so get the broken heart part. Those damn bugs pissed me off. My cucumbers got infested with pickle worms. The little bastards wiped out my cucumbers and my zucchini. I at least got some cucumbers but not a one zucchini did I eat. Pickle worms. Fear them.

  12. My nieces granny used to make pickles so sour, we could hardly eat them! We recently got our hands on the recipe after 35 years! But, I didn't plant cucumbers.....only 5 tomato plants that won't hold a bloom!

  13. Been a pickle lover since childhood. My Favorite are "Dill" whole or sliced anyway. I also love pickled carrots, you should try that. I too love brussel sprouts and thanks again for your great recipe on those, have converted Mike now who always turned up his nose everytime I ate them myself. I made your recipe and he never even knew what he was eating til after he cleaned his plate, oooohhh got him good! Now he will eat them but only your way, I'm good with that, they're delicious! Love your blogs.

  14. I love pickles. So I buy jars and bring them home from the store, and everybody else chows them down before I get any. Then I got no pickles.
    Loved the analogy of kids to garden. My 14 y.o. is breaking my heart about every other day with her attitttude.

  15. The past several years we have had problems with worms eating our cucumber and squash vines/plants. The little buggers eat their way into the steams and just suck the life out of the plants. This year we sprinkled the young plants with Seven dust when they were about three inches tall. We covered the ground around the base of the plants and mostly the steams. We only sprinkled the plants with Seven a time or two and never after the plants started to bloom. It worked really well. We still have squash plants that are blooming, but the cucumber vines have already been pulled up and we have planted our second round of cucumbers and should have fruit before frost.


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