Monday, August 15, 2011

Out of pocket and in the bucket…

I’m baaaack! Okay, I wasn’t really gone, but I was “out of pocket”, which according to Urban Dictionary, is a term that only in the last year or so has come to mean “unreachable” or “out of touch”. It is also a term that too many shiny shoed bureaucratic sycophants in DC use, so no one really likes it. This I also learned from Urban Dictionary.

I was busy making baby things and generally hanging out with myself. I do that sometimes.

However, just before I crawled into my hole, I crossed quite a few things off my bucket list. You know, I really need to write that list down, considering my memory capacity these days. I don’t want to miss something good, just because I forgot it was on my list.

Anyway, here are the fun things I checked off my list:

I rode a train! A real Amtrak train. The conductor commiserated with CGMan when I was all “Wait! I need to get a picture of the train!”. He laughed and said his mother does the same thing. Every. Time.

I don’t think our friends, who are frequent visitors to New York, were prepared for the enthusiastic traveler I can be. Especially at 6am.


We rode the train to New York City, with my nose pressed against the glass the whole time. Imagine how wonderful it was for me, a person who loves car rides anyway, to be riding along in a train and not having to worry if CGMan sees the squirrel that is getting ready to dart in the road or the fact that there’s a school bus stopped a half a mile ahead! I was in heaven.

CGMan and I have been to NYC before, but I’m not going to count it as my bucket list item because it was cold, and rainy and November. In 2001. Too sad of a time. For bucket list purposes, we’ll use this trip.
I went to New York City!!  (Yes, bucket list items get an exclamation point, otherwise, why have it on your list?)


I was also there once as a girl, not that I’m not still a girl, but I was a young girl. Very young. I took these two pictures with a camera that had real film. The year, 1973. (ack! that’s a long time ago!)


The first picture, for those of you under 30 years old, is a phone booth. When you were lost, you stopped and made a phone call. With a dime. Doesn’t my sister look great in her kicky bell bottoms? The second picture is from the 32nd floor of some high rise. I didn’t count that on my bucket list, either, because at the tender age of 8, I thought I would live forever and didn’t know you had to have a bucket list.

Many people would not think of having this on their bucket list, but it has always been on mine. It was every bit as terrifying exciting as I thought it would be. I rode in a NY taxicab!


I’ve heard it said that your life flashes before your eyes when you ride in a NY cab. Well, my life didn’t flash before me so much as the middle fingers of several other cab drivers, the inside wheel well of a city bus and the freakishly calm face of a bike messenger. There was much jerking, swerving, braking and horn honking.

I was kind of hoping more along the lines of the Cash Cab.



We stayed on Times Square!
We heard a concert at the Lincoln Center! Okay, it was really an outdoor band in the garden of the Lincoln Center, but hey.
We saw a Broadway musical!
We walked through Central Park!
We rode the subway! To Queens!

We ate in Chinatown!


I did not get pooped on by a pigeon! That’s not really a bucket list item, just lucky.


As you can see, there were many New York items on my bucket list. There are a couple more items that were not on my list before, but they are now, and have been checked off.

I walked 20 miles of Manhattan! And 2 in Queens!
This might not seem like a big deal, but it is and should be noted on my list.
“The Suburbanite Walks the City”

The other item that was not on my list, but is now, is him:

I saw the Naked Cowboy!

That was the best picture I got of him, so I stole borrowed this one from Google.



You’re welcome.











He used to have long hair, but I find him so much cuter with the short hair.


There you have it, my friends, my New York Bucket List Extravaganza!

All that in 37 hours!

We had a great time and really owe thanks to Chef Sue and Photog Craig for setting the wheels in motion. You guys are great tour guides. I’d follow you anywhere.

P.S. If you’re into photography, check out the pictures Craig took on his photo blog.


  1. Did you use a time machine to get to NYC in Nov 2011? That must have been some trip.

    I love those old shots and those huge bell bottoms. Now people are using aps to get their pictures to look just like that.

    The naked cowboy looks completely naked of any body hair. He's amazingly smooth!

  2. NYC is #1 on my bucket list! Along with Hawaii, DC, San Francisco and Chicago. But ummmm, I have to worry about pigeon poop? oh my.....

  3. What a fabulous trip! Crossing things off your list left and right. You might just need to add a few things to that list now, missy!

    I love the Naked Cowboy. He is such a hoot!

    p.s. you might want to build up your resolve and give the cab drivers in Buenos Aires a try. That's a ride you won't want to repeat any time soon. (until you have to get back to the airport, anyway.)

  4. You would be wonderful to ride with in the CASH CAB!! Love that show! Your pictures are wonderful and NYC is on my list too! JEALOUS! That's me!

  5. How exciting! What an excellent list you have on your bucket.

    So jealous of your fab vacation.

  6. Anita, I read my post 3 more times before I figured out what you were talking about. Doh!

    We were there in November 2001.

  7. So jealous! I've never been to New York, and I've definitely got that on my bucket list.

  8. Hey, I'm jealous! I've always thought that if I go to New York and see the naked cowboy that I would absolutely gush. Someday, someday. Glad you had a good time!

  9. NYC is so exciting! I love taking the train from Boston, too. Just think about how fun it can be in August with a pack of middle-aged women!

  10. Joan in NV-Who knew we could be leading edge!August 15, 2011 at 6:49 PM

    My boss has been using the "out of pocket" phrase for the last few years and it's been getting on my last nerve. It's so WRONG and it pained me whenever I heard him use it. Until I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary and then it totally made sense, with the whole cell phone being "out of yer pocket" and so no one could reach you.

  11. That sounds like a fantastic trip! FWIW, both staying in NYC and going on a train ride are on my bucket list.

  12. As a native New Yorker (city of), I know it is hard to believe, the City can be a real pain and the most wonderful place on earth. incidentally, I was living in the City in 1973.


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