Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our ship is not sinking…

The other day I was standing at the sink, doing something I never get tired of doing. No, not washing the dishes, because, really? Who likes to wash dishes? But if I’m going to be washing the dishes, I might as well have something fun, like looking out the window at the critters and birds in my flower garden.

The bunny sure is getting big! He’s so cute.

That pretty yellow flower was probably a weed anyway.

So the other day, I’m standing at the sink, not enjoying washing the dishes, but at least enjoying the view, when I saw a new critter under the bird feeder! I was excited. He is so cute! He’s brownish, with a shortish tail that has a little curl on the end, like maybe it was caught on something. Of course, I had to take his picture, to add to my ever growing critter album.

I think he lives under the giant hostas, because I see him run in there to hide when the guard dogs come outside to take a nap.


I took 3 or 4 hundred pictures of him and hollered to CGMan to come see my new critter! I could tell how excited he was to come over to look, because he gave a big sigh of annoyance excitement as he rose from the La-Z-Boy. 

He stood looking out the window, watching me take pictures, and said, “Ummm, that’s a rat”

Without missing a beat, I reminded him that rats can’t be all bad. I mean, look!

CGMan replied “That’s a mouse”

Okay, what about?
”Yeah, those are mice”

Okay fine, but if rats are so bad, why is this one a gazillionaire?


“Look, that’s a mouse, too.
Rats are not good. Do you really, really, want that rat to get married and have rat babies in our backyard?”

Well, no, not really. But don’t kill it!

Unfortunately for my little rat friend, I’m CGMan is going to have to go to Home Depot to get one of those humane rat trap thingies where the rat goes inside and no one knows what happens to it.

But I’m going to feel really bad if I find out that rat can cook.



  1. I'm glad he was the one to break it you. I sure wasn't looking forward to telling you your new pet was a rat. And not the kind that are on the Capitol.

  2. Now that is one pet you do not want to have around, they are nasty.

  3. I come from Alberta, where there are supposedly no rats. I had to look at that shot about 4 times, because I kept thinking it was a bird looking away, missing most of its tail feathers. FWIW, while I understand that rats are pests, I'd be kind of sad too to know that the rat had to go to the great big garbage pile in the sky. You're lucky that you've got CGMan to make it happen.

  4. I knew right away it was trouble! I am getting ready to get the house mouseproofed for fall, my tool of a neighbor has a woodpile the size of Texas that is attracting them from far and wide.

  5. I don't believe I have ever seen a rat of that size. Except in The Princess Bride, the ROUS, rodents of unusual size.

    I actually had no idea what it was till you said rat and I enlarged the picture. Is this the same kind of rat that people keep as pets? If so, you could always put a bow around his neck and sell him.

    Send a picture of him to Siren and see what she thinks!

  6. That's... quite a rat you've got there. Yeah, I would definitely get one of those traps. And I understand that they gently put the rat to sleep and then magically transports it to a farm out in the country where he gets to romp with all of our childhood dogs.

  7. ewwww!!!! Make sure CGMan tells you the big rat story of our youth.

  8. I kept looking at your fake butterfly thinking you just had one too many drinks. How blind am I?

    Ewww, make sure you get more then one trap. He might have a gang in those hostas.

  9. I think it's cute! All the animals in this post are cute.

  10. Dawn sweetheart, are you getting out of the house enough?

  11. After cleaning out a storage shed, "Arnold the packrat" was found- and his cardboard condo. Filled with charcoal, rocks and dog poop. We would have let him stay around if he hadn't started eating through the gardening chemical bottles. How great would it be to have a rat that cleaned up after your dogs?!!

  12. I like to call those guys "urban squirrels." Somehow it sounds a little better.


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