Friday, August 19, 2011

Man’s greatness lies in his power of thought…

  1. I want my next dog to be blue jean colored. That way I won’t have to sticky roll myself eleventy thousand times a day.
  2. Speaking of dogs, how come they don’t get poison ivy? I see them traipse off through the woods with no ill effects. I make one. step. off the path, BLAM, I’m hit!
  3. Is it wrong to spend an evening perusing an educational toy catalog, looking for possibilities for the grandbabies, only to bookmark three pages of things I want? Things like this and this.
  4. I was so proud of myself for going to the grocery the other day, with a list of the meals I had planned for this week. I wanted to save myself from having to go to the store so often. Day three and so far, I have forgotten a key ingredient for each meal. Doh!
  5. Even though I’ve never, ever, watched the show, I can’t stand Jersey Shore.
  6. It should come as no surprise to you that I am ready to paint another room. I just can’t decide which one. A little small powder room that desperately needs it? Or a bigger room that hasn’t quite found it’s voice?
  7. Without benefit of a DNA test, I have decided, in my infinite dog wisdom, that Zoe is part Dachshund, as well as part Jack Russell.
    That would make her a Dach Russell. Or a Wiener Jack.
  8. And one more thing to make my day…the rat has a little brother. Swell. Just swell.


  1. My youngest got a magic set for Christmas similar to the one you linked to, and it's AWESOME. You should totally get that one. Think of the parties you could enliven!

  2. Having coordinated my clothes and my home decor with my white angora cat for 12 years, I am all for doing it the other way.

    Jersey Shore characters give me the heeby jeebies. (I've never seen the show either.)

    Paint the bathroom! Have fun, and make it a jewel box!

    Whatever her breed, Phoebe looks like an old soul.

  3. I'm with you on the store thing. I even write a list.

    I get home and discover I missed one of those key ingredients and go, "Dangit! Ronny! You did it again!"

  4. If you tell anyone I said this, I'll deny it, but I started watching Jersey Shore last season and, um, I like it! I crack up through the whole thing. The guys are endearing and the girls are revolting.

  5. Oh the store, the STORE! I am always forgetting something at the STORE! Awesome post. I think these list posts can be hard to do.

  6. Actually bathrooms are more time consuming to paint (sinks, toilet, hardware to tape) than a regular room. The last powder room I did took me two days to paint. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.

    I have a farm stand down the street from me. I'd scream if they weren't there to rescue my bacon several times per week.

  7. Cool Toys. My Mom said the only reason I had kids was so I could play with their toys. Can you imgagine me with grandchildren?

    Jersey Shore makes me want to barf. But there is actually one that is worse...Dance Mom. The Moms aren't so bad but the teacher is whacko!

  8. Dawn - you just crack me up! I love reading these. We have a dachsund so I got an extra kick out of this. Your daughter gave me a great haircut and color on Tuesday. She looks awesome. So blessed to have her in my son's life. BTW - roasting the corn as I type (ok - ted is) so making your cold corn salad for tomorrow. from Pam (your daughter's future "dreaded mother-in-law)

  9. I love Jersey Shore! It's a perfect storm of drunken promiscuity, entertaining ignorance, big boobs and hair pulling. Those lil' rascals are a funny bunch.

  10. Uh, what! You have rats! OMG! I am such a brave girl growing up with brothers. I'll pick up a snake, squash a bug, but rodents send me screaming for the hills.

    Get yourself one of my moron twins. They don't shed.

    And that Jersey Shore? I was at my daughter's place and a marathon of that was on and there was no remote to be on. I am addicted now. It's just like crack. You know you shouldn't, but once you do, your whole moral compass falls apart.

  11. Meg B (Becoming a non smoker)August 22, 2011 at 12:16 PM

    I love dog geneaolgy. Whatever she is, she's cute. And BOO to rats! Eeeek! I can handle most anything but rats creep me out. Excuse me while I jump up on a chair and shriek.


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