Friday, July 29, 2011

A few more things about me…

Here are 10 more random things you may not know about me.

1. I do not like my coffee “warmed up” until the cup is almost empty. I don’t mind if it cools.

2. I do not like to touch paper grocery bags, I don’t like the texture. I hated covering the kids’ schoolbooks and was glad when they were big enough to do it themselves.

3. I learned to read long before first grade, which bugged the crap out of my first grade teacher. I was the original “Baby Can Read”.

4. I played the string bass when I was in middle school and high school.

5. I cannot whistle a tune, but can whistle loudly with my fingers in my mouth.

6. I did not use my whistling technique to call for my kids. I just hollered their names. They could hear me from two blocks over. Of course, that was back when it was safe to let your kids run the neighborhood.

7. I love to check the mail. Not email, although that is fun, too. I love going out to the mailbox to see what the mailman brought.

8. Sunrises are my favorite part of the day.

9. I have one purse. I hate when it is time to shop for a new one.

10. I love catchy songs on TV commercials. I look them up and put them on my iPod.

Here is my current favorite:

Now tell me something about you!

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