Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A kitchen-dog is never a good rabbit-hunter…

When I lived in Austin, oh so long ago, there was never a shortage of critters in my yard. We had raccoons, possums, lizards and let’s not forget my personal favorite, scorpions!

Everyone told me how happy I would be not to have those critters in my yard, here on the east coast. Well, guess what?

They were right!

For the record, let me say, I did not plant this flower garden. The ladies who lived in this house before us were totally into flowers. It’s been great, because they planted flowers to come up at different times during the season. Every day is like a beautiful surprise when I go outside. I wish I could take the credit for them, but I cannot. However, I do water them every day so they will stay alive. That counts, right?


They also had these great raised beds where I decided to plant my farm. Look how much it’s grown!


I planted marigolds in the farm because I know there are bunnies in the area. I’m told they don’t like the smell of marigolds. And plus, I have dogs. Who needs a scarecrow when you have dogs, right?


I know it looks like she’s asleep, but let me tell you, this dog is on high alert for any critters that might find their way into the garden or the farm. Well, sort of.


Because this little guy has taken up residence in the flower garden. I know I should chase him off, but I can’t do it. After having  rat-faced possums, peeping raccoons and the big freekin lizards on the patio, I just can’t bring myself to shoo off the cutest thing that has found it’s way into my yard since Zoe was a puppy.


Even if I did see one of the tall flowers fall over, tiiimmmberrr-style, just this morning.

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