Friday, June 17, 2011

Do I qualify for Farm Aid?…

I don’t mean the money, I mean the kind of aid where someone, who knows what he’s doing, comes in and takes over all  the hard work. And leaves behind jars of pickles.

Yesterday, I gave you a glimpse of my little plot of farmland and a great tune to drive you batshit crazy hum all day long. Again, you’re welcome.

Now it’s time to talk about the tomatoes. Just so you know, I really can’t be blamed for this debacle because I’ve seen that topsy turvy thingamajig and it’s just one little plant, so how bad could it be to have three plants? I like tomatoes.


Oh, good heavens to horticulture! These plants are as tall as me and don’t look to be slowing down any time soon. There are more tomatoes on the vines than I have lasagna recipes. Bring on the BLTs!


I have big ones, cherry ones and low acid ones. All. Over. The. Place.

Someone said I should can them, too. Oh jeez. I’m gonna need more jars.

Oh? and that little funny looking plant in the lower left of the tomatoes? That was a bonus.

Beets! or, beet, I guess I should say, because thank goodness for chocolate and all that is wonderful, there is only one of those. Just enough for a salad. Right? It’s not going to suddenly mutate and bring forth a bazillion beets, is it?


I also have a strawberry patch! It’s amazing how much you can cram into one little city farm. We like strawberries and so do the robins, so I have to keep an eye out there to make sure they don’t help themselves. It would be nice to think one, or both, of the dogs would take care of that little task for me, since they’re outside doing nothing anyway. As you may have noticed from the bunny assignment, they can’t be trusted.

So I run out there every now and again and give all the birds the stink eye and tell them to stay off my farm. I feed them on the other side of the yard, in the bunny flower garden, they don’t need to be eating any of my strawberries. We are hoping for strawberry pie later this summer.


I tell you, it’s hard work, this farm. It’s keeping me from doing other things that would be a lot more fun, like making grandbaby things!

If I had known about the arrival of a grandbaby before I planted this huge mutating farm, I would have planted blue bonnets or baby’s breath. Who cracks herself up? Blue BONNETS, get it?

I wonder if babies like pickles?


  1. What a gorgeous and neat garden! Ours is all overgrown and shapeless. I used to have beautiful flower beds on either side of the front door. My husband dug up all my French lavender from one side and stuck it in with the other lavender, and then planted tomatoes over in the now empty bed! He liked the amount of sunlight/shade going on in that bed. Never mind that they are now mismatched and look like hell from the road!

  2. Oh wow, good for you! I'm excited for all your veggies! Good luck figuring out what to do with them. My mom's cousin would boil her tomatoes to get the skins off them and then freeze them whole and use them for her pasta sauce all winter long. Yum. Also...fried green tomatoes. I'm just saying...

  3. Girl, you've got some magic soil going on there!

    And oh my gosh, how I love tomatoes. I pretty much incorporate them every day into my diet. I especially love taking grape tomatoes and sautéing them with olive oil in a bit of garlic and kosher salt, until they pop open. Such deliciousness.

    Good luck with the garden and the upcoming grandbaby.

  4. First, you are far too glamorous to be a farmer. Second, my tomato plants look like dwarves compared to yours. Third, well, that's it.

  5. I have yet to meet a baby who didn't like pickles.

  6. Oh, I'm with Meg. Fried green tomatoes are the way to go.

    Which is clearly why my word verification was "rumpe".

  7. "I have big ones, cherry ones and low acid ones. All. Over. The. Place."
    You do, do you? ;)
    I planted a garden one year. It was immediately a lot of work! The weeds made nice shade for my lawn chair.


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