Friday, May 20, 2011

Keeping it all in the family…

Even though it’s probably not in the least bit true, I am so going to take the credit for another blogger in the family.

This little Skype loving, cutie patootie, right here?


No, it’s not her. She hasn’t started blogging. Yet. But her mommy has! AND! it’s not a mommy blog! (although, I do hope she shares a picture of Ella from time to time) Not that there is anything wrong with mommy blogs, I just don’t read them, because well, I’ve been a mommy way too long now to read about another mom’s trials and tribulations with potty training. I’m just sayin.

At this point in my mommyhood, I’m sharing recipes for vodka drinks, house decorating tips and when’s a good time to buy a new car.

However, I do love a wide variety of blogs. Most are witty, introspective, thought provoking or just downright funny. Oh, some even have the occasional pictures of men with no shirts on moral stories, recipes for vodka drinks and just general good stuff. I have a feeling she is going to fit right in!

Paulene’s Page

Paulene has just started on her blogging journey, so why don’t you stop by and welcome her to the blogosphere?

Tell her Dawn sent you.

Have a great weekend!


  1. If I had a little one that cute running around I'd probably use her for my own shameless self promotion and have her do a weekly "vlog".

  2. Actually Dawn, you have a lot to do with my starting a blog! That and the fact that I realized there's so much crazy stuff I want to comment on, and 140 characters/ words just aren't enough sometimes. And don't worry, I don't think I can resist Ella making an appearance on Paulene's Page now and again!

  3. Just checking you out today, what with the federal government thinking you are porn and whatnot. Am so excited to have a new member of our blogging "family" and am running over there now to meet her!

  4. Hmmm...Dawn in DC and in trouble with the feds already? What did I miss?

    Melting the feds' hearts now with a picture of pink cuteness to throw them off? :-D

    I will have to check out Paulene now and see what she's up to. I'm beyond mommy blog days now too, but I don't mind the occasional cutie pie picture.

  5. Checked her out and added her to my Reader. Thanks for the heads up!


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