Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I blame it on menopause…

Apparently, menopause is to blame for everything.

I know this to be true. Otherwise, how else would you explain a fruitful trip to the grocery store to stock up on milk and cookies groceries because someone is coming to visit,


and you get a great pork loin to make Memphis style barbeque, only to realize several hours later that you accidently dropped it in someone else’s cart?

Every time I have something weird going on, I go instantly to Dr. Google. You would not believe how long the list is of symptoms of menopause. Everything from hangnails to bunions. Right in the middle there? Addle brain.

So, sorry little old lady who went home to find a 5 pound pork loin in your bag. I have menopause and nothing for dinner.


  1. If it makes you feel better, yesterday I went to the grocery store for two things - one of which was yogurt. I came home with just those two things, but then I promptly set the yogurt down on the counter and forgot about it until this morning. Menopause for me? No. Addled Brain? Most definitely.

  2. Sorry I had to hold back a snort of laughter here. That is hilarious.

    I have a habit of talking to the person next to me because I just assume it's J or whomever I'm out with and it usually ends up being a stranger. Oops, my bad!

  3. So, no leftover Memphis pork roast for us this weekend? Hahaha! Love it, I'll have to remember to blame everything on menopause when it happens. It'll shut the hubby's complaints down cold!!!

  4. Hahaha! But at least you remembered the important things : milk and cookies. (At least I think you did. Um, did you?)

  5. At least you have something to blame it on. The only thing I can use is old timers disease...

  6. I spent about 30 legitimate seconds the other day, trying to find my phone...while I was on the phone talking to sister. It wasn't until I said it out loud to her, that I couldn't find my phone, what a moron I realized I was being.

    I don't think mine's menopause. Maybe, it's the blonde.

  7. Ok so ,,,I have waited so long for all the laides in the family to join me in the world of menopause,So I dont seem so strange to them with the strange things that can only happen to me, due to yes menopause..Iv been on pause toooo long I think its time to go back to the men part of it the pre men-opaus.haha. hey where is my spell check sorry for any missspelled word its menopause...
    Lets write a book I have endless stories to keep men and women laughing for a very long time or at least see the humor in menopause... turn the fan on Im burning up then go shovel the snow please.

  8. God I can so relate to this lack of brain power. It's like it's just sucked right out of you. I am constantly roaming room to room trying to remember why I was in there. I hope the strange lady enjoyed the loin.


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