Friday, April 1, 2011

What I wouldn’t give for a Brussels…

This is a Brussels Griffon:



Isn’t he cute??






{What is it with me and dogs who have no tails?? }

Anyway, they’re cute, yah? Oh, I would love to have one. I just love dogs. However, I am not allowed to have any more dogs. I just don’t understand.


Oh. Alright. Never mind.

Since I can’t have any more dogs until CGMan leaves the country again. I have another Brussels I would like to talk to you about.


WAIT!! Don’t run off! They’re not that bad! If you like Brussels sprouts but can’t get your family to eat them, I have a recipe that will change their minds. I promise! Just give it a look-see, okay?

I found this recipe when CGMan and I were doing the South Beach diet and it was instantly a keeper. The Skater asks for it every time he comes for dinner. How do I tell the boy that Brussels sprouts don’t really “go” with shrimp. But hey, when a kid asks for veggies, you give him the veggies.

This side dish is so easy! (I say that every time, don’t I? Have I been wrong? Okay, then) It only takes a few minutes and you can do the prep ahead of time. Brussels sprouts go with just about any meat, so this makes a very versatile side dish.




  1lb fresh Brussels sprouts
  4-6 garlic cloves, minced
  olive oil
  freshly ground pepper
  course sea salt (or kosher)
  red pepper flakes



Rinse the Brussels sprouts under cold water and drain. Cut off the ends and thinly slice and place in a glass bowl (I don’t know why glass, but that’s what it said and that's what I do)


Once you get them all sliced up and in the bowl, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, grind pepper to taste, then throw in a dash of red pepper flakes*. I usually mince about 5 cloves of garlic, but I’m moving and don’t have any fresh garlic on hand. I cheated and used jarred garlic. It was fine. Then toss. Easy, so far, right?


Now, heat your skillet over med-high heat until it is really, really hot.


Like how I showed you how high the flame should be? No one else does that. Anyway, get the pan nice and hot, then drizzle olive oil in the bottom to coat.




Toss the all the Brussels sprouts into the hot pan and stir, stir, stir for a couple of minutes.


You don’t really want to stir-fry, but stir frequently, so as not to burn the sprouts. They are done when the sprouts are tender and some are brown. This doesn’t take but a few minutes. Serve immediately.


This is just delicious! It’s crispy, and garlicky and a touch spicy, but not too much.

* BD! I hope you’re still with me, because I was thinking of you as I made this. You can omit the red pepper flakes and still get a great dish! And also too? I did a taste test with your kids in mind, I sprinkled a little soy sauce on it, once it was plated. OMG! It was so good! It’s good either way, depending on what you’re in the mood for…a little spicy or maybe a little more Asian.

Brussels sprouts get a bad rap. I have always loved them. Even when I was a kid and my mom would cook them until they were mush. I have only recently discovered making them fresh. What a difference! They are so healthy and good for you, I believe everyone should give them a try.

Hey, I tried lamb, right?

P.S.  they don’t stink up the house!

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