Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tornado watch number 32…

Hold on just a dang minute!

I have been in my new house for a total of 48 hours and there is now a tornado watch?? And there have been 31 tornado watches before this one?? How many more can I expect this year? A million? I do not remember reading anything about this in the moving manual.

There are a few things about this situation that I feel we need to address:
1. Dawn does not do tornadoes.
2. Nobody here knows Dawn, so therefore does not know that Dawn does not watch TV, so will not get the tornado alerts that tell how far away it is and if it is coming right at her.
3. The dogs don’t like peeing in the wind. (Neither does CGMan, but that’s a story for another day)
4. This is a rental house, am I to be held responsible if a tornado damages it? Oooooh! That’s what “Act of God” means. Gotcha. Reminder to self: look at lease to make sure they believe in God.
5. Where is the best place to hide?

You know what? Don’t answer that, because by the time you read this, the tornado will have passed either over my house, or through it, so it will be a moot point by then.

I hope you are all pleased that I am such a dedicated blogger, that I wrote this during the storm, and set it to be published on Tuesday, whether I make it or not. I’m pretty sure there’s an award in there for me somewhere.

But then, I don’t watch TV, so I wouldn’t see me getting it.


  1. You get the Awesome Weather Blogger Award!! Congratulations!!!

    Girl you are gonna have to get one of those weather radio's just so you can get the warnings. I think that they may have an app for that for your cell phone. That is if you don't already have it :)

    I love your new header! Dawn in D.C.!! Looking forward to your new adventures!

  2. Dawn, don't worry yourself about tornado warnings, we even see them here in the summer and laugh them off. I like the new Dawn in DC logo, too!

  3. Love the new header! Do you have a basement? Best place to seek shelter during tornado. Do you have renter's insurance? Make sure it covers replacement costs, not value of item, (say 2 yr old TV-that you don't watch). Meteorologists in this part of the country have fancy gadgets that show you street by street where the storm, (tornado), is moving. Yes, you would have to turn on a TV.
    As for doggies peeing in the wind, don't have a solution because my dogs are used to peeing in the wind and with snow up to their butts.
    I know your post was meant as comic relief, but these things might come in handy to a newly relocated southerner.

  4. Tornado warnings - there's got to be an app for that.

    I like the new look!

  5. Dawn - you know the tornadoes always come to Southern Maryland - not NoVA

  6. Don't worry, you post awards like that on your blog. I hate tornadoes, too so I feel your pain. I also hate thunderstorms.

  7. Slightly off topic, but I grew up on the Oregon coast and we had warnings all the time for tsunamis. The year before my husband and I met, he worked at a summer camp in a neighboring town. He said they got a tsunami warning and even though nothing was happening, people were running away from the camp as fast as they could, falling down, hurting themselves. When he told me this I said, "I never once did anything about those tsunami warnings in the 12 years I lived there." Maybe it'll be like that in DC with the tornadoes? Here's hoping.

  8. That's just ole D.C. overreacting to every weather event! In the 37 years I lived in D.C., not a single tornado hit the city or Arlington! And I love the new look!

  9. We used to live in AR and there were tornado sirens going off all the time. When my son was little he would tell The Tomatoes Are Coming! So watch out for those tomatoes, Dawn in DC!

  10. Living in the Midwest, I'm so used to tornado warnings that I don't even look up when the tornado sirens go off.

    Unless the weather seems crazy enough that there might actually be a tornado coming...then I go to the window to watch for it. I'm slightly insane that way.

  11. I've got a bathroom in my house that's designated the tornado safe room. It's completely interior, and the 4 of us might all be able to squeeze into the tub. I don't know what I'd do if a real tornado came through. I get nervous when the winds whip up to a massive 20 mph.


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