Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nests that are not empty, need watching…

Hey? Can you do me a favor?

As you may know, I’m moving to DC next week and tomorrow is the day they’re turning off my internet. I know!

So, until I can catch up with you at rest stops and Starbucks, as I make my way across the country, could you do me a large?

Can you keep an eye on my nest?

Well, it’s not really my nest, as I didn’t lay any eggs in it. It is the nest of a pair of bald eagles, you know...our national bird. They are so awesome. Anyway, the Raptor Resource Project has been watching this pair of bald eagles for the last couple of years. They come back to the same nest in Iowa and here they are again, making a family. There are three eggs. The parents take turns sitting on them, although right now, since it’s close to hatching time, the mom has been on them the most.

The eaglets are due to hatch any time now and I am in suspense. I can’t believe I’m going to miss it! I will still have my iPhone (thank Jobs for that!) so hopefully I will get to see them, too.

Live TV : Ustream

But in the meantime, if you could just keep an eye on them and maybe shoot me an email if you see hatchling activity.

Don’t you even laugh at me. I know which of you have farms in Farmville and cottages in the English Countryside. I think this qualifies as a little more significant than if you get your blueberries harvested on time. 

While the packers are here, I will drive the neighborhood looking for free internet check in when I can. I’m ready to start this new chapter. It’s going to be a fun road trip. At the end of it, I’ll be back together with my darling and my dogs. Who could ask for more?


Here’s to my next adventure! Take care and don’t forget to look after the birds.


  1. You are awesome. I love that you trust us with this! :)

  2. I'd never heard of this. Fun! Can't wait to see what hatches. I vote dinosaur!

  3. Oooh too cute. I can't wait to see the little babies. Good luck on your move!

  4. Not a problem. I have eagles in my yard too. The ducks dive underwater when they arrive. I measured one that was 3 feet tall upon landing. Huge and magestic bird.

  5. I just love you! We are on a road trip too and I hope you will be safe and have a great trip. I'll check on the eggs when we get in at night :-)

  6. You know I'll be watching. Work has been crazy this week, so not as much watching as before. I hate that they expect me to use my office computer for work instead of eagle watching.

  7. I will not be watching as I will be too busy harvesting english roses and blueberries.Oh, by the way, TOTAL invasion of privacy for that poor mama eagle!

  8. Oh look, she moved her head! Damn you Dawn...

  9. The noise that camera is making when it zooms in is disturbing her, and that's just not right

  10. How she sits there for hours on end without so much as a newspaper is inspirational.


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