Monday, March 7, 2011

It’s been two years and they still call me Heiferyung…

I cannot believe it is the second anniversary of my little blog! For a gal who had trouble writing a grocery list, I believe I’ve come a long way. Of course, it helps to have good blog fodder.

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In honor of my blog’s anniversary, I thought about a give away, but I live in an empty house and the bean bag does not belong to me. Instead, I’ll share with you five of my favorite posts.

Adventures in Suburbia – this gave my readers a first peek into my life in suburbia. It is ever so exciting here.

That's my favorite! – When I started this one, I had planned on using just a couple of pictures and one verse. The more I worked on it, the more I was challenged to find enough for the most of the song. I giggled away a whole afternoon. BTW, those are all  my pictures. None of them were hijacked borrowed from google.

I'd rather be a lightning rod than a seismograph… – the subject of lightning is always a good conversation starter and this is no exception.

Can I get a tongue roll, please?... I’m amazed at how many people will stick out their tongue if you ask them to (and sometimes when you don’t)

Every wiener is a winner... because sometimes you just can’t get enough wiener.

I will admit, it was hard to pick just five of my favorites and not include one of the scorpion ones. If you are new to my blog and are just dying to know about my scorpion woes, you can read about it here and then a month later, this happened. So there you go, scary scorpion stories.

Have I tickled your funny bone or caused you to ponder the profound? If so, I would love to hear about it.


  1. Happy Anniversary Dawn. Keep it up!

  2. You went from Dawn in Austin to Dawn in D.C.

    FYI, us blog types don't like change - of any sort. Keep the moves to a minimum and we'll be just fine.


  3. Happy blogiversary! I loved the posts you picked! Here's to many more blog posts to come. *clink*

  4. Keep them comming Dawn, now that you have a different area to write about, we love them. Happy Anniversary. Gee dose not seem like 2 years.

  5. Happy Monday and congrats on two years! Looking forward to the next two.

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    I still love your scorpion stories...which is crazy because I hate scorpions...and am planning to retire to Texas...where the scorpions roam.

    I'm sorry I missed meeting you in Texas; we'll be taking a trip there in June - and you'll hopefully be all settled in DC by then. :(

  7. I want to win the giveaway! Oh. Nevermind.

    Thanks for blogging!

  8. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite blogs!

  9. Happy Blogoversary to one my very favorite bloggers! I love your favorite things verse, because who doesn't love the Sound of Music?

  10. Happy Anniversary!!

  11. "Heiferyung" is why my work computer classifies you as PORN!!!

    So Happy Anniversary from my home computer!

  12. Happy Anniversary. I got a chuckle out of reading those. Loved the song!

  13. Happy Blogiversary! You definitely make me laugh out loud. I'm sad you're now far away and we never had that doughnut! Find a good place in DC and I'll come THERE to get one. :)


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