Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did you know…?

…there are 40,000 toilet-related injuries annually in the U.S.?

…there are more than 120 Boy Scout merit badges, including one for dentistry?

…in medieval times, it was believed that owning a cat could help cure insanity?

…12% of men say they never use their turn signals?

…44% tailgate to try to speed up the car in front of them?
    (this is not news to me)

…an average Facebook user has 130 “friends”?

…sauerkraut was invented by the Chinese?

…since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the US dollar’s value has fallen 98%?

…on a typical day, 34% of American adults take a nap?

…doctors don’t know what causes canker sores?

…every year, about 8 million pounds of sugar are used to make Twinkies?

…that Chef Sue turned ordinary Twinkies into a very glamorous dessert? You can read about it here.

…it is raining today, here DC?

…the likelihood of Dawn taking a nap that lasts most of the day is pretty good?


  1. I nap every single Saturday and Sunday. And sometimes during the week, but don't tell my boss that.

  2. I'm Baffled by many of these!

  3. I'm napping twice a day lately - and it's supposed to rain here too.

  4. I know I need to get a couple of cats. Definitely going to Google toilet injuries sometime today.

  5. Make that 40,001 toilet related injuries.

  6. The napping doesn't surprise me. My husband is a fan.

  7. No rain, no! It's raining here, too. And there's rumors of 1-3 inches of the S-word so excuse me while I cry.

    I hate tailgaters SO MUCH! Listen, I know I drive slow (apparantly the speed limit isn't supposed to be followed, just used as a guideline) but I stick to the right lane so when people tailgate me it's just obnoxious. Go tailgate in the fast lane.

    AND, I wish I knew more about those toilet related injuries. I bet they're a real hoot.

  8. My husband comes from a long line of nappers. My family had that strong Protestant work ethic idea that if you were in bed during daylight you were obviously sick and dying. So the napping thing kind of throws me.

  9. Ah.... One of my greatest goals: a nap!
    Greetings from one Dawn to another and Ducks Mahal blogroll chick. Lol. Following!

  10. I nap on the weekends. I don't understand people who don't nap!!

  11. The husband sez there's no day that can't be improved with a nap.

  12. That Federal Reserve fact about the US dollar is disturbing, isn't it?

    The toilet injury fact is just puzzling.

    Nap? What's a nap?


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