Monday, February 28, 2011

Hem your blessings with gratitude, so they don’t unravel…

Thank you all so very much for your kind comments and warm prayers as I traveled on yet another of life’s roads. A road I didn’t think I would be traveling for a long time, the death of my mom.

I will tell you, it was the hardest two weeks of my life.
And I have to say, the next two aren’t looking much easier. 

I am thankful my children were able to come to my side, as well as my beloved CGMan. It always makes me look on in wonder at what a caring family I have. CGMan says it’s all my doing, but I really feel I’ve been blessed by God.

My brother, his wife and their beautiful Ella were with us, as well. It was little Ella who showed us all that life doesn’t really end, when we live on through our grandbabies.

Rather than go back to Texas alone, CGMan brought me to my new home, here in DC. Yesterday, Zoe and Phoebe flew in. Zoe was a little put out by the flight accommodations, as she is used to being right in the middle of the cockpit.


Even coach would have been better than the kennel in the belly of the plane. They actually did very well and were quite glad to see me. It had been a while. Giving them a hug was another thing my heart sorely needed.

So here we are, in DC, in a cute little house (and I say little because everyone knows everything is bigger in Texas) living a bit Bohemian until our house sells and we can bring out our furniture and stuff (lots of stuff!).

We have wonderful friends who have loaned us a bed, some linens, a small tv and a chair. CGMan is the only one brave enough to sit on the chair:


Zoe thinks it might be a good idea for us to go to the Lazy Boy store to order our new recliners. She’s not fond of bean bag.

For those of you wondering if we made the move into the city, we did not. We compromised and now have a house in Arlington, which is close enough to everything (even some good stuff within walking distance!) to feel like being in the city, but on a quite cul-de-sac that reminds me of the suburbs. Except for the fire station at the end of the road.

We are very, very close to Arlington Cemetery. A little too far to walk, but we pass it every time we go to the commissary. It never fails to move me.

So there you have it, Dawn’s big, fat life changes.

I would have settled for a big, fat life rut.


  1. So glad you had your children and CGMan with you. Being together at times like this is what really helps us get through it all.
    Glad you and the Man and the doggies are all together in your new home. Hope it's not lon before you get your own furniture. Here's to wishing for and early spring for you and no more snow.

  2. Coming from someone deeply immersed in a "big, fat life rut," be careful what you wish for. What I wouldn't give for a few changes to spice things up a bit.

    I'm glad you, Zoe and Phoebe are finding yourselves at home in your new place.

  3. Welcome back my friend, I missed you! Glad you are at home with CG Man and your faithful companions, and I hope your new road will bring you to new and joy-filled places!

  4. I've been thinking about you, and wondering how you're doing. I think CGMan was right to bring you to the new house. A change like that can help a lot. (I have a bright yellow bean bag chair, if you want to borrow it. :) )

  5. Welcome back! And welcome to the Nation's Capitol! Am looking forward to walking down memory lane with your future posts about D.C.!!

  6. Hope all works well for you.

    Also, will it be Dawn in DC now?

  7. I am with you! I love a big, deep rut.

    But there is something about having a fresh clean blank house to start all over again. I will cross my fingers that the Austin places sells soon and you don't live in that transition stage too long. That's never fun.

    p.s. Thank God for the puppies!

  8. So happy to see you in my Google Reader today. Also, excited to see you and CGMan and the girls together in DC.

    I'm sure in no time your little house there will feel like a home when you are able to add your "Dawn" touches.

  9. Glad you were surrounded by people you love just when you needed it. I'm sure your pups missed you.
    Good luck with the sale and the settling in! I'm sure you will have plenty of DC adventures to share with all of us. AND, you picked a good time to move to DC because it's almost springtime so (fingers crossed) you won't have to deal with much inclement weather.

  10. Zoe doesn't care where she sits as long as it is in the seat with CGMAN she is happy.

  11. We all missed you Dawn - glad to see you back and posting!

    I'm curious like Ron - with you be Dawn in DC now? :)

  12. Glad to see you back online. Don't let this move keep you down. I know how hard it can be. It took me almost a year to get out of my funk after we moved here. Glad you have your puppies to cheer you up. Hope the house sells soon.

  13. During the darkest periods in my life wonderful things have happened. They will for you too.

  14. I love the new site and am so glad you are finally here to share our Nation's Capitol with me!

  15. I see this was posted by Dawn in DC!

  16. There are times in our life when everything seems to happen at once and it's almost too much. I'm glad you're with CGMan and your fur kids and not alone.

    Before you know'll be posting about being in a rut with nothing to post about.

  17. I'm so glad you're able to be with CG Man now. Even if it means you're not HERE anymore. I can't wait to hear more of your adventures up north. I'm keeping things warm for you down here for when you come back to pick up your mail. :)

    Glad to have you back. You've been in our thoughts and prayers, and your voice has been missed.


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