Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Spring, was it something I said?…

It started innocently enough, if you call below freezing temperatures and colder than Alaska, innocent. I can deal with cold, everyone knows it’s the snow that I don’t like.

Yeah, guess what happened last night?



In Austin! Again!

Of course, the good people of Texas don’t know how to drive in a “snowstorm” so everything has been closed from schools to government (although, we all know, it doesn’t take much to shut down the government). Not that I mind, it’s snow and I’m not going out in it. As you can see, okay not see, neither is Zoe. Phoebe, on the other hand, has been out running willy nilly through the yard, and then of course, straight into the house with snow all over her big bulldog feet. *sigh*

Not being a snow person, how deep does it have to get before you can use a snow blower named Francisco? I am woefully unprepared.



  1. I just got back inside after 2.5 hours in it with the kids. I'm ready for it all to melt now, thank you. I specifically told The Man that I would not move somewhere that had snow, and now we've had it twice since we've lived here. I cry foul!

  2. I moved to Dallas to get away from the Minnesota winters. We had 5-7 inches last night. Sometimes I don't think I'm far enough south. But snow in Austin? That's just weird.

  3. Dawn, if you could cube that snow by approximately a million, that is what we have. Leo is up in the roof removing ice dams today before we have more snow on top of snow followed by rain tomorrow!

  4. Cold, rainy here on the Mississippi coast and the heat pump ain't cutt'in it.

  5. You wouldn't do very well up here this year. We've had a tonne of snow (a few feet of it).

    I'm asking the same question about the snow blower as you, though. If you figure it out, let me know.

  6. Wait until you see what is in store for you in D.C.! In the meantime, pour yourself a cocktail, sit in front of the fire and meditate on July.

  7. I hope it melted for you before you had to use your mixing spoon to shovel the driveway.


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