Thursday, December 2, 2010

Too much to do, and too little to say…

Have you ever had one of those little phantom slivers in the end of your finger? It hurts like the dickens, but there is nothing there? Yeah, I have one of those today. Of course, it’s on the most important finger. No, I’m not going to show you a picture of the finger, although I thought about it. A lot.

CGMan and I are flying to DC tomorrow. He has a very important interview. It’s so promising, I’m going along, too, so we can look at houses. Keep your fingers crossed. As much as I like it here in Austin, I would rather CGMan had a job. Besides, I’m up for a little adventure. You know, like moving. yehaw.

Because of the trauma that is going on with my bird finger, I’m finding it very hard to type. Between that and the 187634 things I have to do today, I don’t have a proper post for you. That being said,  I will leave you with the outtakes from the Christmas dog photo shoot.

This is how Phoebe always looks to me. Kinda goofy and so adorable. Yesterday’s picture reminded me that she really is a bulldog!




Zoe wouldn’t wear the hat, and tried to save Phoebe from ridicule. It didn’t work.


  1. Your outtakes look like all of my shots when I try to put anything on my dogs' heads! Good luck on the trip! Will you change your blog name to "Dawn in D.C."?

  2. Those pictures are a riot!

    Going to DC huh? Cold Dawn - snow Dawn - just sayin'! Did I mention the traffic is horrid? However the Man's man goes to DC alot and he loves it - he find it theraputic I think - maybe it's living in a hotel by yourself and a bed all to yourself????

    Safe travels - enjoy the trip - good luck to CCG man!

  3. Love the outtakes,especially the last one. "I will save you, friend!" Too cute.

    I will think happy, calming and YAY for him thoughts about CGMAn's interview. Go CGMan go! Fingers AND toes are crossed here.

  4. What? You're leaving me??? But we've met in person that one time! We're like best friends now!!! Waaaaaaahhhhh.

    Okay, Maybe I'm overreacting. I'll put in some prayers for the interview and the house hunting. Oh! Go on that show, House Hunters! That would be awesome.

  5. That picture of her sitting on her butt with her tongue out is so cute!'d be Dawn in DC. My world is reeling.

  6. Good luck CGMan! Sending good thoughts for a happy outcome.

    I like the sound of Dawn in D.C. It rolls of the tongue.

  7. I personally would be excited to have you on the Eastern seaboard! Can you say meet-up? Safe travels to you and good luck to CGMan!

  8. DC is fantastic and only five hours away from ME!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  9. Good luck to CGMan, but be sure he gets a big enough salary. We have a daughter living in Annapolis, MD, and it is outrageously expensive out east. If CGMan doesn't get the job, you can show your bad finger to that company.

    I hope I get to Austin before you leave, if you do, cause I'd love to meet you and Phoebe and Zoe.


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