Thursday, November 11, 2010

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude…


By Thomas J. Pickens

They come from many places, those husbands, wives and sons,
They came from town and country to pick up their nation's guns.

They were infantry, clerks and fliers, they fought on oceans blue.
They cooked the food and tended wounds, and built runways, too.

They all came in the their tender age, their condition was the best.
They were all carefree and ready to face the greatest test.

They left their homes and loved ones and went to other lands;
And placed their lives, their limbs, their souls in God’s Almighty Hands.

Each person had a role to play; each life would share the stage;
And in the twinkling of an eye-lash, those youngsters came of age.

All those who went served valiantly, regardless of their task;
And they gave themselves unselfishly, all the country did was ask.

When it all was finally over, they came home to loved one’s arms,
And returned to the lives they left behind in those cities, towns and farms.

But for those who gave the ultimate, God smiled upon their face,
And took them up to be with Him, in His Eternal Place.

And for those who did the suffering, we’re forever in their debt;
And no matter when their war took place, what they did we won’t forget.

This poem was written by Thomas C. Pickens, Jr., Houston, TX.,
who served in the 5th Ranger Battalion, European Theater, WWII


For those who have served, or are still serving our country – I humbly Thank You.


  1. Thank you Dawn for this wonderful post. I'm so lucky to know someone who truly gets the concept "They give their all so others may live." Semper Paratus!

  2. "Thank you" is right! Well put, Dawn.

  3. I love the video. Thanks!

  4. From the heart, where it counts most.

  5. Well done, Dawn, for posting this thank you and tribute to our veterans. They have done all the work to preserve our freedom to post whatever we want on Blogger. The least we can do is post a "thank you".

  6. Nicely said. I'm glad they celebrate it on the actual day, too!

  7. Beautiful Dawn. We have taught our children to take the time each Veteran's Day to pay tribute to the noble men and women who have served their country and us, keeping America's sacred freedoms intact.

    God Bless our troops.


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