Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rooster update…

Thank you all so very much for your kind words and prayers concerning CGMan’s brother, whom he has always called Rooster.

After Rooster spent hours dialyzing and prepping for surgery, it was found the tissue was not a good match. There was no transplant yesterday.

While we know Rooster is bummed out today, at least he is still with us and that is a blessing. He is certainly a fighter and will live to fight another day. Please keep your prayers alive, along with the hope that another match is out there, somewhere.


  1. No wonder you liked my Rooster picture, I had no idea :)

    So sorry this was not his time but I have faith that his day will come!! Keeping him in my prayers!

  2. You know David Sedaris' brother calls himself The Rooster too? I thought reading about his brother was hilarious and then I got the audio book to listen to in the car and when DS does the Rooster's voice I almost fell right out! Hilarious!

    Maybe your Rooster could use a little cheering up by listening to DS' Rooster?

  3. Ugh, that sucks, but yes. There's another one out there for him. Will keep him in my prayers.

    Side note: I thought I remembered a song about a Rooster by Alice in Chains, and maybe I could cleverly reference it here. When I looked up the lyrics, turns out it was about a guy going off to war. It's parenthetically appropriate since it talks about how they won't bring him down, but when the chorus started out "Here they come to snuff the rooster"... maybe not so much.

  4. Sorry to hear that. It sucks, but glad to hear he's doing alright. I will think good thoughts for another donor kidney.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out this time. Hopefully, he doesn't have to wait much longer.

  6. Of course the thoughts will continue for Rooster. Just make sure he keeps himself cocked and ready to receive that new kidney.

  7. Rooster's in everybody's bedtime prayers now.

  8. I'm sorry that didn't work out. We'll hope for another opportunity very soon.


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