Friday, November 19, 2010

Over the river, and through the scrub….

CGMan and I are headed out on a short road trip to Dallas, where we will help another Christmas loving couple put up their decorations. Hey Dawn’s Dad, we’re on our way! I get my love of Christmas honestly.

Not having anything planned to share today, I set about reading everyone else’s blogs. June over at Bye Bye, Pie read some blog called Hyperbole and a Half, which apparently is a blog that everyone reads. (well, she hasn’t and I haven’t, so I guess that’s not really everybody, is it?) After being pestered about it at work, she finally read it and has said we must all go check it out.

I had never heard of this blog, but then I rarely venture from my favorites list. Not because I don’t appreciate other bloggers. No, if I surfed through all the blogs in blogdom, I know I would find 83472672059 blogs that tickle my fancy and then I would never get anything done. I would be content to sit and read and laugh and then CGMan would starve to death after having run around naked for a month because there were no clean clothes.  And yes, I do the cooking and laundry. He picks up dog poop and pumps gas and other manly stuff. We are the Cleavers.

Anyway, I popped on over to Hyperbole and a Half to check it out because June said so and laughed my butt off. This particular one is about moving day and the two dogs. I’m sure you know that dogs are just hilarious in their own right, but man! can this lady spin a tale.

Since I didn’t really have a post for today, being as how I’m going on a three hour road trip, for which I have not packed anything because I’ve been sitting here not writing a post, I suggest you drop on in at Hyperbole and a Half and read the story about moving day.

I promise, you will laugh. If you did not laugh, I want to hear about it. I won’t believe you, but I’ll want to hear about it.

Here is the link.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good luck putting up the Christmas decor! I always do that for my mom, swing by and put up some lights for her. It's not christmas if your house doesn't look like the Griswald's...right? Is that just me? Yeah?

  2. Also, I read the post. Note to self: Do not read it at work with coffee in your mouth. I started laughing so hard I cried. Brilliant!

  3. I read that blog all the time: LOVE IT. The Man and I read that one together, and he had to take a break because his face hurt so much from laughing. I wish I were that funny. I'll just have to settle for mildly diverting.

    Have fun getting your Christmas on!

  4. One of my bartenders (!) told me it was a good read. Glad you gave it the thumbs up today!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Have a nice trip and say hi to your dad. He was sweet to leave me a comment on my breast cancer post.

  6. Unlike many blogs which are promoted as being funny, but really aren't, this one is,
    hooray for everyone! To demonstrate my sincerity and commitment I put it on my blogroll.

    Enjoy your visit, darling!

  7. Our daughter recently moved from Dallas to Grapevine with her two dogs. I am sending her the link to this Hyperbole and a Half post; I'm sure she can relate to moving with dogs. Thanks.

    Have fun with that Christmas decorating!


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