Monday, November 29, 2010

The one where I woke up on the wrong side of the brain…

There was more than just a perfect turkey when we visited Dawn’s Dad last week. There was a perfect pecan pie. Per-fect! So perfect, I had to make one once we got home, because the 3/4 of the pie at Dawn’s Dad’s house was not enough for CGMan.

CGMan loves many a food. I can’t really remember him saying “No thanks” to anything. And pecan pie is his absolute favorite. Those people who do silly things for a Klondike bar, have nothing on what CGMan will do for a pecan pie.


I have made pecan pies for this man every year since we’ve been married. I use the secret recipe on the back of the Karo syrup bottle. Well, that just doesn’t compare to a secret family recipe. And hello?? I have been family for 45 years, why am I just now being allowed this recipe?

In my excitement to make a perfect pecan pie, I did not take pictures along the way to share with you. No worries, though. I have already been asked a gazillion times when I am going to make another one. Stay tuned.

One of the things that makes a pecan pie perfect, is it’s presentation. I watched my dad place pecan halves all over the top of the pie. I just knew this was the secret to perfect pie and I set about making mine the same way.

As I was putting on the pecans, I was thinking to myself that it was kinda hard. I kept dropping the pecans and having to dig them out of the pie to reset them on top, side by side. Daddy made it look so easy! I really wanted this to be as perfect a pie as his, so I plodded along.

It wasn’t until I was about half way around, that I realized why I was having such difficulty putting on these stupid pecans. I was doing it just like Daddy did!


Dawn’s Dad is LEFT HANDED.


Once I figured that out, it was so much easier to handle those pecans with my right hand.

And yes, I made a perfect pecan pie!


Take that, peanut brittle!


  1. That IS a beautiful presentation. Can I confess here to you that I've never, not even one time, had pecan pie? Does that make you want to bake one for me????

  2. All those pecans clearly made CGMan a little nutty!

  3. My favorite pie. I have one on the counter now.

  4. Uh Oh 3/4 pecan pie sounds like to me he will need a LOT more hikes. (loooong ones)

  5. Wow, that looks wonderful. I remember eating pecan pie years ago and not really like it but that picture makes me willing to try again!

  6. The secret recipe on the back of the Karo syrup bottle is the one we use too. It is a MUST have for any holiday meal around our house. Cute pics and awesome looking pie!

  7. We had a crisp, an apple pie, pumpkin pie and a pecan pie for Thanksgiving. Guess which one went first? The pecan of course!

    Your husband has great taste.

  8. Pecan Pie is my absolute favorite. And that, Dawn, is a thing of beauty. I've never seen such a work of art in a pecan pie.

  9. I guess I didn't realize I had developed the secret family recipe for pecan pie. I would have shared it long before now. You did do me proud though, even if you did have to do it right handed.

  10. That looks glorious! I love pecans but good pecan pies aren't really available in my neck of the woods. So, I too have never tasted the pie.

  11. Outstanding job! Your food photos always rock it, Dawn! As do your recipes!

  12. I made one for the first time last week. I used dark karo syrup and it didn't seem right to me. We still ate it.

  13. This is where I must peel off, pecan is my least favorite pie.


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