Thursday, November 4, 2010

I don’t care how poor a man is, if he has family, he is rich…

For the most part, I know I sound all carefree about the fact that I have no more children living at home. I go on and on about my travels, my dinners out and going to the movies any time I want. No need to be home when school lets out and no need for sitters. Oh yes, it is nice.

Don’t let my jaunty enthusiasm for all things kid-less fool you. I miss them.

Really, I do.

It was a little sad on Halloween, not having anyone to check over for hidden rolls of toilet paper before they left the house. Or costumes that need to be double checked to make sure Florence Nightingale wasn’t a clever cover up for slutty go-go girl. Oh, and checking candy. That was always fun. It took them years before they realized that Milky Ways are not poisonous.

Christmas can be a lonely time, too. The dogs are not afraid that I’ll call Santa and tell them how naughty they are. They’re like - go ahead! I was going to mention the fact that the cookies go largely untested, as they come out of the oven, but it seems Skater has an uncanny knack for smelling Mom’s Christmas cookies from the other side of town.

When you think about it, there are no more fairies, tooth or otherwise, no bunnies that deliver chocolate (I miss that guy!) or even homemade Valentine cutouts. Oh, and the last noodle necklace finally disintegrated.

While I miss all that, from time to time, there is one thing about having kids at home, that I miss so very much…


…finding money in the washing machine. 

Those kids kept mommy in lattes for years. *sniff* I sure miss them. Oh, and the kids, too.


  1. Ain't it the truth! It's a great day if I find money in the washer anymore :P

  2. Aww... I nearly teared up. You are such a good mom! And good at getting clothes April fresh too, I'd bet.

  3. Heeee! Love it.

    When both my kids were off at college together for one year we kinda got acclimated to the Empty Nest and all that it brings. Then the boomarang child flew back in the door and we and had to re-acclimate ourselves to his presence all over again.

    It's interesting, that's all I am saying!

  4. Love it! J and I have the same rule, although J started checking his pockets after I found a fiver in the dryer.

  5. I am a very reluctant empty nester. Boy there is just nothing that can prepare you for the time that they are all off on the own. I go through pictures and school momentos and my heart smiles for awhile. But if I ever needed them they would be here in a minute.

  6. Ahhh, that was a wonderful post!

    My husband and I are late bloomers with having kids on purpose. We had a lot of friends who had kids young (YOUNG, VERY YOUNG) and they liked it because they were happy about having an empty nest when they were still relatively young later on.

    And me, with 3 older siblings silently laughed at them thinking, "EMPTY NEST, HA! Those kids are going to move back in with you more times than you can count." Which I know isn't always the case, but with my family? Jeez. It was like an epidemic.

    Add that to the fact that I might be slightly terrified of having children just yet, and I think us being older empty nesters sounds quite nice :)

  7. I love when the money found is paper! :)

  8. I hate doing laundry. Hate. It.

    I do miss having the house full and the companionship of my now older children who took turns coming back home and moving out again. We have so much fun together.

    Of course, the only upside of the economy going any further into the shitter is we may yet need to live together again.

  9. I love the coin collector. I've never seen one of those before. I need one now.

    Anytime you need to get your hands on some kids for a while, call me. I'll gladly ship them over to you for a few hours to bake cookies, and I'll make sure they come bearing pasta necklaces.

  10. You would not believe the amount of spare change I find on my kitchen counter. It's even better when it's a $5 bill!

    PS. You gave your kids the gift of independence, that a good thing!

  11. Lovely post. You made me nostalgic for my own past when my kids were small and I was always baking cookies or helping with construction paper crafts. That was fun - the rest of raising kids - not always so much fun. :-)

    Your cookies now go largely untested as they come out of the oven? Let me know the next time you bake and I'll come over...


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