Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chaos, panic and disorder–my work here is done…

My mind is just a jumble of thoughts today.

  • I dreamed in print last night. Swear to chocolate, it was just like I was reading a book.
  • I did it. I put up my Christmas tree. I couldn’t help myself. Every store in town has all their pretty decorations up. Why should only working people get to feel the joy that is Christmas? (okay, even I snorted at that. Retail people and the joy of Christmas really don’t belong in the same sentence, do they?)
  • I bought my Christmas cards a month ago.
  • Why do men feel the need to spit? Everywhere. It’s gross to have to dodge puddles of loogies just to get into the grocery store.
  • I have recently discovered I love the sound of my name. Have you ever noticed how many days can go by before one of your loved ones actually says your name? As a wife (and a darn good one, too. What? I’m just sayin), I have been called Honey, Sweetheart, Snookums and Hey! Cookiemaker. Then one day I heard, “I love you, Dawn”.  It sounded so pretty! I asked him to say it again and he said, “Honey, you know I love you.” Yeah, we’re still working on it.
  • I think I’m going to send Scottish Woman her Christmas card now, just to watch her head explode.
  • I added pieces to my Christmas china pattern this year. Now I need to make something other than cereal for dinner, so we can use them.
  • Because it’s Texas, I planted pansies around the same time I was putting up the Christmas tree.
  • In case you didn’t notice up there at the top – there are 37 shopping cookie baking days until Christmas!

I guess that about empties my mind for today. It’s a crisp, chilly morning so I think I’ll take the dogs for a long walk in the woods. Now that I’m all done decorating. Hee!


  1. Great! You'll be warmed up and ready to help decorate our house this weekend!

  2. Yay for having your tree up already! If we didn't buy a real tree every year I would be all over that. And I'm going to be making christmas cookies on Sunday so double yay for that!

  3. You're making me tired. :) I refuse to acknowledge Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I REFUSE.

    But I AM glad that you're getting your holiday groove on, because I know it makes you happy happy happy.

  4. You're killing me Smalls! I have been dying to go ahead and put up my tree, but I am hosting a wedding shower on Monday and there is not enough room for all the chairs and such if the tree is already there. So I have to wait. . . .

    Totally with you in the spitting. Just stop it!

    Thanksgiving evening our tradition is to round up all of our favorite movies for the Christmas season and set them all out on top of the tv and just start watching them. We never get sick of them.

    Which Christmas dishes did you choose?

  5. If I put up my Christmas tree now, I would just have to dust it in a few weeks, so that's out.

    I'm with you on the spitting, and I've seen young women do it too. Grrosss.

    Real Christmas china? Do Christmas-patterned paper plates count? ...cause then I have some too...

  6. Dawn, I think putting the tree up, Dawn, before Thanksgiving, Dawn, is against the law, Dawn, in like 23 different states. Dawn. (Just want you to get your "Dawn-ful" today!)

  7. Oh Lawdy! I feel like I just took my Christmas tree down. And maybe I did. Because I am pretty good at being a slacker.

    And I love the sound of your name, too, Dawn. It's just beautiful.

    But even with your beautiful name, you are giving me Christmas angst.

  8. Christmas lights, Christmas cookies and
    A Christmas Carol are all I ever have enthusiasm for.
    And that's only if I've been drinking.

  9. Yeah, I know several friends that put their tree up the week after Hallloween. I say put it up when you have the time and when the mood strikes you! I finally started listening to Christmas music yesterday. I love it! Now you can enjoy the holidays. Happy weekend.

  10. Two things:

    1) Retail people and the joy of Christmas DO NOT belong in the same sentence....or paragraph....or post!

    2) It always amazes me how long you can go without hearing someone say your name. It always seems to be nicknames, short forms, anything other than your actual name. And I agree, when you finally hear it, you remember how nice it is to hear.

  11. Christmas music gets on my nerves. I only want to hear it a week before Christmas, then I like it. But I do like the streets all lined with lights.

  12. I know, the Little Woman loves it when I call her by her real name - Little Woman. :)


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